New Baby Desert Eagle BB Pistol

The Baby Desert Eagle BB pistol is a new addition to the incredibly-popular category of firearms reproduction airguns. Such guns can be used for training by owners of the centerfire versions. For the rest of us they can be fun plinkers or just collectables.

This one is a BB-firing pistol based on the Polymer-frame Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle powder-burner. As you would expect, it’s powered by a single 12 Gram CO2 cartridge that’s housed in the drop-free magazine.

That magazine also holds 22 BBs, according to the manufacturer.

New Baby Desert Eagle BB Pistol

The Baby Desert Eagle BB pistol has a light-weight polymer frame with metal internal parts. As with many BB-firing replicas, there’s a short Picatinny rail in the underside of the frame. This can be used to attach a compact flashlight or laser for aiming.

At a Street Price of $84.99, the Baby Desert Eagle is attractively-priced. So we shouldn’t be expecting all the “bells and whistles”, should we?

Indeed, the manufacturer has taken a couple of steps that are clearly aimed at keeping the price down while still offering an attractive product.

One is the warranty. It’s just 30 days. Yes, that’s really short. However if a BB gun is going to fail, it will do so immediately. If it works, it will likely continue to work into the future. So the short warranty may not be an issue for most people.

New Baby Desert Eagle BB Pistol

Secondly, the Baby Desert Eagle has a non-blowback action. True, this limits the fun by reducing the felt recoil-at least when a full-ish CO2 cartridge is in the gun.

However, non-blowback BB pistols are simpler (that means lower cost) and they also generally provide higher FPS and more shots per CO2 cartridge. So the running costs for CO2 cartridges will be less.

They can often also be more accurate than blowback pistols.

The manufacturer gives a maximum Muzzle Velocity of 420 FPS. So we know this is a strong BB pistol. Based on HAM’s test review analysis, we would also expect a strong shot count. These are benefits that are attractive to many owners of reproduction airguns…

Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle Non-Blowback CO2 BB Pistol 0.17