New Ballistic Target Panels from Airgun Target Systems

New Ballistic Target Panels from Airgun Target Systems are designed to stop and catch airgun pellets and slugs fired by high power air rifles up to .30 caliber.

Traditional airgun pellet traps have used duct seal, rubber mulch or even telephone directories – remember them? These materials stopped pellets that passed through targets fitted to the front of the trap.

But the trend to ever higher-powered airguns means that such trap materials are becoming obsolete – unable to cope with the increased energy of impact. There’s a need for a new, more robust backstop material.

Airgun Target Systems says that their Ballistic Target Panels are the solution to this issue. They stop and collect pellets and slugs impacting with a maximum energy of between 20 and 90 Ft/Lbs.

So here we have airgun target backstops that are suitable for most .22 cal, .25 and .30 caliber PCP air rifles.

New Ballistic Target Panels from Airgun Target Systems


Airgun Target Systems stress that these backstops must not be used with airguns having a Muzzle Energy of less than 20 Ft/Lbs. These could cause potentially dangerous bounce-backs or ricochets. As for BBs – don’t even think of it!

If you’re not sure of the Muzzle Energy of your airgun, use an online Muzzle Energy calculator to find it out – like this one from Pyramyd Air. Many owners of .177 caliber break barrel air rifles may be surprised to find that their guns generate less than 20 Ft/Lbs and so are not safe to use with these Ballistic Target Panels.

Ballistic Target Panels are made from a custom rubber compound with eight layers of ballistic fabric molded into it. Then the rubber/fabric sandwich is bonded to a 1/8-Inch Aluminum plate. Total thickness is 1 Inch. The “Kevlar-like” ballistic fabric is what makes it all perform!

New Ballistic Target Panels from Airgun Target Systems

Airgun Target Systems says that they have tested their Target Panels to stop over 2,000 pellets. They also tell HAM that the Aluminum-backed panels are very weatherproof and durable.

Each Target Panel has two holes in each side so that it may be hung either vertically or horizontally. They are supplied with a plastic signboard for target attachment. Standoffs, thumbtacks and two targets complete the package.

Currently Airgun Target Systems Ballistic Panels are available directly from the company in two sizes. They can also quote for custom-sized Ballistic Panels on request.

 Model 106.2Model 107.2
Total Dimensions16 x 20 Inches10 x 16 Inches
Target Area13 x 17 Inches8.5 x 13 Inches
Minimum Energy20 Ft/Lbs20 Ft/Lbs
Maximum Energy90 Ft/Lbs90 Ft/Lbs
Price (Shipping Extra)$94.95$64.95