New Beeman 2027 PCP Target Pistol

The Beeman 2027 PCP Target Pistol is the company’s latest introduction. Headline news is that this is a magazine-fed PCP target pistol with a wood pistol grip selling for a Street Price of less than $150!

This fact alone will make the 2027 a compelling choice for shooters wanting a PCP-powered air pistol for plinking or entry-level target shooting. It sounds ideal for stay-at-home lockdown shooting in the basement or garage…

New Beeman 2027 PCP Target Pistol

The manufacturer is claiming up to 60 shots per fill at a maximum Muzzle Velocity of 600 FPS. This sounds creditable from the compact, 50 cc capacity HPA tube. The maximum fill pressure is 3,000 PSI. With such a small air capacity, this should be very easy to fill using a HPA hand pump.

Filling is undertaken using the fill probe system and the manufacturer tells HAM there’s also a degassing capability included.

It’s a .177 caliber gun, of course.

New Beeman 2027 PCP Target Pistol

In addition, Muzzle Velocity can be tuned using the hammer spring adjuster built-in to the rear of the HPA tube.

Magazine capacity is 12 rounds and the bolt action is placed on the left side. There’s a two-stage trigger with a manual safety located just ahead of the trigger blade.

The Beeman 2027 PCP Target Pistol is supplied with open sights having fiber optic inserts. The rear sight is click-adjustable for windage and elevation. As it’s mounted on a standard airgun dovetail, the rear sight could be removed and replaced by a suitable optical sight if required.

The hardwood pistol grip includes areas of texturing to provide a good hold. This is aided by the palm shelf at the base of the grip.

The 2027 weighs about 3.73 Lbs and has an overall length of approximately 18 Inches. It ships with two magazines and a single-shot tray. Availability is scheduled to be this month, March 2021.

Beeman 2027 PCP Air Pistol 0.177
Beeman 2027