New Beeman Underlever PCP Air Rifle Shipping Now

HAM readers first saw a prototype of the new Beeman Underlever PCP air rifle in our report from the 2020 SHOT Show. Now it’s shipping and is available for sale from Airgun Depot and other dealers.

Below. This was the SHOT Show prototype…

Now we have the final production model…

New Beeman Underlever PCP Air Rifle Shipping Now

The Beeman Underlever PCP air rifle is unusual in two respects: price and cocking system.

Let’s talk price first…

At a Street Price of $349.99, this is the lowest-priced, wood-stocked bullpup PCP air rifle in the market today. Yes, the Hatsan FlashPup QE is the same price with synthetic stock. However the wood-stocked FlashPup adds another $50, to end-up at $399.99.

But – even at the same price as the synthetic FlashPup – this new Beeman bullpup includes a 4 x 32 scope, two magazines, a single shot tray and a degassing screw. So it’s definitely a strong value-priced bundle.

Yes, price is an immediate attraction for this new Beeman!

The other attraction is the cocking system. Instead of a conventional bolt or side-lever action, this new bullpup Beeman Underlever air rifle uses an – er – underlever! This is a very unusual concept, if not completely unique. (I’ve seen a similar system on a Turkish Kuzey Arms K300 bullpup back at the 2019 IWA Show).

New Beeman Underlever PCP Air Rifle Shipping Now

The benefit of the underlever cocking system is that it is equally quick and easy to operate for both left- and right-handed shooters.

The Beeman Underlever PCP is available in both .177 caliber (Model 1357) and .22 cal. (Model 1358). Manufacturer’s specifications call for up to 1,050 FPS in the smaller caliber and 880 FPS in the larger.

With an overall length of 29.25 Inches and a weight around 7 Lbs 6 Oz, this stands to be a compact, easy-handling air rifle. It’s also – so far as I know – the first Beeman PCP with a shrouded barrel.

New Beeman Underlever PCP Air Rifle Shipping Now

Fill pressure is 3,000 PSI and the hammer spring is adjustable. So there’s the potential for some power/shot count tuning of this unregulated air rifle.

HAM hopes to bring you more details on this interesting new model once a sample arrives at the HAM offices. I’m told that it’s on its way to us as I write this…

Beeman Under Lever PCP