New Benjamin PCPs Available At Pyramyd Air And Airgun Depot

Pyramyd Air and Airgun Depot have announced that two new Benjamin PCPs are now available, with two more at pre-order status.

The Benjamin Cayden and Kratos are the models shipping from stock. The Akela bullpup and the “SAM” – the Semi Automatic Marauder – are available for pre-order, with availability dates for next week – that’s the 24/25 August 2020.

The availability dates for these new Benjamin PCPs are somewhat later than had previously been announced. However, this is a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, rather than any of the other issues that can delay a product launch. Everyone can understand that…

Specifications for the Cayden, Kratos and Akela are compared in the table below:

ArchitectureTube HPA supplyBullpup, tube HPA supplyBottle HPA supply
HPA capacity280 cc280 cc480 cc
Barrel length20.87 In.18.9 In.18.9 In
Overall length40.76 In.32.9 In.43.35 In.
Weight7.95 Lbs7.71 Lbs8.26 Lbs

HAM previously published a summary of the specs for these new Benjamin PCPs. So you can check that out for full details.

And yes – although HAM has previously carried details of availability of the SAM for “about June”, that also slipped a little. Again Coronavirus was the cause, with knock-on delays from parts suppliers. But it really IS coming very soon!

New Benjamin PCPs Available At Pyramyd Air And Airgun Depot

If you didn’t read it then, now is the time to read HAM’s exclusive coverage of the SAM. HAM Publisher Stephen Archer shot it and reviewed it in depth with Product Manager Phillip Guadalupe and Designer John Solpietro.

First we have an overview of the SAM and a comparison to other Marauder models.

Then there’s extensive coverage of the design and performance testing.

Finally, more performance testing and safe operation of the semi auto design.

Benjamin Cayden
Benjaimn Kratos
Benjaimn Akela
Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto Air Rifle