New Benjamin Website, Catalog And Armada Semi Auto

Velocity Outdoor has launched a new Benjamin website that’s dedicated to the brand and it’s products. You can see it at

This is a major break from previous positioning, where Benjamin airgun products were included under the Crosman umbrella. (In fact, you’ll still find Benjamin products at

The new Benjamin website leads with the newly-announced Bulldog .457 and some “eye candy” exploding target videos.

New Benjamin Website

There’s also a lot of brand-building material, some of it clearly positioned for newcomers, such as the “Getting Started” tab.

If you’re interested in a flavor of how the Benjamin Marauder is assembled at Velocity Outdoors’ Bloomfield, NY headquarters, there’s an interesting video of “The Line” where these guns are built, too. Scroll down the Home Page to the “Benjamin Vision” section and click on the “Benjamin Factory” video.

This new Benjamin website is also a fully-featured online store. Velocity Outdoor clearly is very happy for you to purchase products from them directly, with free shipping on orders over $99.

There’s a 10% off coupon for your first purchase if you sign-up for Benjamin-related emails, too. (Note that this excludes “new for 2022 products”, however).

There’s also a new Benjamin catalog that’s available for download in PDF format. Go right to the foot of the Home Page for to find it. This has basic information on the complete Benjamin product range, including an early appearance of the forthcoming Armada Semi-Automatic.

New Benjamin Website, Catalog And Armada Semi Auto

Apparently the Armada Semi-Auto’s going to be available at a price of $782. At least, that’s what it says currently on the site…

New Benjamin Website, Catalog And Armada Semi Auto

So there’s a lot of material here for Benjamin airgun enthusiasts. Velocity Outdoor will undoubtedly be delighted if you browse around and look at their products. Have fun…