New Blueprint Adjustable Mounts From MTC Optics

MTC Optics has announced a new range of Blueprint Adjustable Mounts. These additions to the existing range of MTC mounts offer built-in adjustment for both scope angle and height.

MTC explains that these adjustable mounts can overcome the problem of running out of elevation adjustment on high-magnification or high-mounted scopes.

Blueprint Adjustable Mounts are available now for 30 mm diameter riflescope tubes. There’s versions for Picatinny rails and traditional 3/8-Inch scope mount dovetails. Both have a triple clamping screw arrangement for additional security.

These mounts are manufactured from black-anodized, high-specification aircraft-quality alloy. They offer an adjustment range of 35-42mm (1.38 to 1.65 Inches) from the center of the scope to the clamp.

New Blueprint Adjustable Mounts From MTC Optics

So Why Do You Need Blueprint Adjustable Mounts?

An adjustable mount is one that allows the rings – the cradle base and top strap that grip the scope’s tube – to be height- and tilt-adjusted. Such user-made adjustments can be beneficial and, even, necessary for accurate shooting.

1. Probably the biggest advantage of an adjustable mount is its ability to ‘tilt’ – that is to angle the scope in relation to the rifle’s bore.

As more airgunners shoot at longer distances, there’s more need for adjustable mounts. Sure, you can adjust the scope’s elevation turret. But this can run out of adjustment range.

Even if you don’t run out of elevation adjustment range, selecting something close to maximum adjustment on the elevation turret can take the scope’s delicate gimbal system so far from its ‘optical centre’ that it can become unstable in holding zero. That’s not good!

Alternatively, you can shim the base of the rear mount to angle the scope down at the front. But that puts stress points on the scope. In the worst case, you could even damage the scope tube!

New Blueprint Adjustable Mounts From MTC Optics

But by having front and rear mounts that are independently height and tilt adjustable, you can fully support the scope without ‘pinching’ it. This can also be the angle best suited to retain a near optical centre for the scope.

2. Height-adjustable mounts also help on rifles where there’s a protrusion above the receiver, such as the magazine on many PCPs.

With a standard mount, you may find the magazine interferes with the scope, most commonly at its saddle. It may necessitate a much higher mount, which may then compromise your head position and, therefore, a comfortable aim.

An adjustable mount can be precisely tailored for minimal saddle clearance without compromising your cheek weld.

Finally, adjustable mount can help in cases where – for example – Medium height rings are too low, but High rings are just too high for a perfect sight-line.

So much attention is – rightly – given to the benefits provided by adjustable buttpads and cheekpieces on rifle stocks in achieving a good fit for the shooter. For many shooters, it just makes sense to extend that flexibility by installing adjustable mounts, too.

Blueprint Adjustable Mounts from MTC Optics are already shipping in the UK. The retail price is £85.00 including VAT. They’ll doubtless be available soon in the USA from Airguns of Arizona.

For additional information check out the MTC Optics website.