New Brocock Commander PCP Air Rifle To Be Launched At IWA 2018

The Brocock Commander is a new PCP air rifle being launched by the British company at the 2018 IWA OutdoorClassics show in Nuremberg, Germany.

The Brocock Commander is said to be an exciting multi-shot addition to the company’s new-look range that includes revamped versions of the successful Compatto and Bantam semi-bullpup models.

Brocock’s continued partnership with Dutch regulator specialists, Huma, is visually evident in the Commander’s twin gauge array – one for the rifle’s buddy-bottle pressure, the other for the regulator.

New Brocock Commander PCP Air Rifle To Be Launched At IWA 2018

The company tells us that the Brocock Commander has improved shot-to-shot consistency, courtesy of its on-board regulator. They also say that the Brocock Commander has power outputs of up to 40 Ft/Lbs and a shots-per-charge count of up to 520 according to its configuration. However, such a huge shot count will almost certainly be for UK-specification (12 Ft/Lb) models.

The Brocock Commander is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers, with either a 400 or 500cc steel buddy-bottle, or a lightweight carbon-fibre 480cc bottle on the HiLite variant.

The Commander has been designed to excel in the shoulder, where its ergonomic drop-down pistol grip and retractable stock allow for instinctive target acquisition. Besides speedy pull-length adjustment, the butt can be folded via a quick-release mechanism on ‘export’ models to make it even more compact, further facilitating carriage and storage.

It’s also available in either synthetic or a Cerakote finish (as shown in these photographs).

In keeping with its tactical looks, the Commander sports numerous practical features, like Picatinny scope and accessory rails, on-the-fly Hi/Lo power adjuster and a fast-throw side-bolt to cycle its auto-indexing 10-shot magazine.

It has a full-length shroud – covering a Lothar Walther barrel – which also doubles as a reflex-type report suppressor. Brocock tells HAM that the ported muzzle brake helps maximise the accuracy on offer from the Commander’s regulated and totally recoilless firing cycle.

We’ll be checking out the Brocock Commander as soon as the IWA Outdoor Classics show opens tomorrow, here in Nuremberg, Germany. Stay tuned for all the details!