The New Brocock Compatto Target Air Rifle

Brocock has announced a new addition to the Compatto line-up. The new Brocock Compatto Target is regulated version of the popular Compatto air rifle. The manufacturer is positioning it as ideal for Hunter Field Target competition.

The Brocock Compatto Target air rifle has been developed in conjunction with the Dutch firm of Huma. Huma has over 5 years of experience in producing high-quality precision regulators for air rifles.This gives the new Brocock Compatto Target an increased shot count as well as better shot-to-shot consistency for the more discerning shooter.

Brocock says that the regulator for the Compatto Target has been specially developed in a joint venture with Huma to be combined with the patented sling shot hammer system. They say that the highest quality materials such as aircraft grade aluminium-bronze, chrome-moly steel and precision Belleville springs have been used in the design.

The manufacturer says that this regulator is able to reduce shot-to-shot variation to a 1% fluctuation. Brocock claims that this performance is as good as pellets will allow.

The New Brocock Compatto Target Air Rifle

Depending on the market, the Compatto Target is fitted as standard with the latest ‘anti slip’ soft touch stock finish.
The Brocock Compatto Target has been developed to compete in Hunter Field Target competitions and at sub 12 Ft/Lbs (the UK legal limit) will deliver 115 shots in .177 calibre with a shot to shot consistency of only a few feet per second.

Because the Compatto has been specially adapted to take the new regulator system is not available from Brocock as a retrofit to existing Compatto rifles. A special version of the regulator is available directly from Huma Regulators for fitting to all existing Brocock rifles.

First samples of the “full power” (27 Ft/Lbs muzzle energy in .22 caliber) models are on their way to the USA. Brocock tells us that the first guns should be available from Airguns of Arizona in July. This model will deliver 30 consistent shots at that power level. There will also be a .25 caliber version of the Brocock Compatto Target air rifle with a similar power level and shot count.

You can find out more information about the Brocock Compatto Target in the latest video from Giles at the AirgunGear Show.

You can check out the range of Brocock products at Airguns of Arizona.