New Brocock Ranger XR Sidelever Carbine

The British manufacturer is on a roll right now! Hot on the heels of the Atomic pistol and Safari XR comes the new Brocock Ranger XR sidelever carbine.

Brocock describes the new sidelever, foldable Ranger as perfectly suited for mobile hunters. Also those shooting in confined environments like hides and vehicles.

New Brocock Ranger XR Sidelever Carbine

The Ranger XR measures just 23.6 Inches long with the folding stock deployed and only 15.75 Inches with it retracted.

Despite its compact size and 10.1 inch barrel, Brocock says the Ranger XR is as accurate as full length and carbine rifles. This is due, in part, to the improved hammer design and Huma-Air regulator that was developed for the recently launched Safari XR.

As a result, air release is more precisely metered to eradicate the power curve and minimize shot-to-shot deviation, Brocock explains.

Below. Removing the shroud and silencer highlights the short barrel length.

The result is a light weight airgun of of 5.5 Lbs that can deliver around 30 shots at a Muzzle Energy of 20 Ft/Lbs. In .177 caliber, the spec is for 35 shots at 16 Ft/Lbs.

UK domestic (non-FAC models) offer 40 shots in .177 and 45 shots in .22 caliber at the UK legal limit of 12 Ft/Lbs.

The Brocock Ranger XR sidelever carbine is also designed to work with the company’s new self-indexing magazine. This increases shot capacity to 13 shots in .177 and 11 in .22 caliber while offering improved pellet/bore alignment.

To accommodate those who use large parallax adjustment wheel accessory on their scope, the magazines insert into the breach from the right.

Brocock rifles have for a long time been a firm favorite with professional pest controllers, such as Jerry Moss who for the last 18 years has spearheaded efforts to preserve native red squirrels in the Whinfell area of Cumbria UK by reducing the invasive grey squirrel population. His input was instrumental to the concept and design of the Ranger XR.

New Brocock Ranger XR Sidelever Carbine

“Full length and carbine rifles are ideal in many situations, but if you like to stay mobile and need to cover large areas on foot, especially over rough ground, a small, light rifle makes life a lot easier,” says Jerry.

“I also spend a lot of time staking out feeders and shooting from a hide or even a vehicle. With its 10-inch barrel, the Ranger XR is much easier to handle. And when it comes to taking care of business, I know I can rely on its accuracy and power to do what’s necessary quickly and humanely every time.”

Brocock Ranger XR Sidelever Carbine Features:

·  Ergonomic light XR sidelever operation
·  Ambidextrous stock with adjustable, folding butt
·  Underside picatinny accessory rails for bipods, torch etc.
·  Huma-Air regulator
·  Multiple power settings via side power adjuster
·  Removable self-indexing magazine
·  Single-shot tray
·  Two-stage adjustable trigger
·  Resettable manual safety catch
·  Silencer Adaptor for optional 0dB silencer
·  Optional picatinny and side rail for scopes and accessories

The Ranger will, of course, be available from Airguns of Arizona and Precision Airgun Distribution dealers in the USA. Availability is anticipated soon!

Note that US market models will come complete with the top and side picatinny rails that are additional cost upgrades on the UK version. A 0dB moderator – shown in many of these photographs – is also included as standard with US guns.

Brocock Ranger XR