New BSA Lightning Woodsman Packages From AoA

Airguns of Arizona has announced a range of new BSA Lightning Woodsman packages. Each package includes a BSA Lightning breakbarrel air rifle, mounted, sighted-in scope, tin of pellets and carrying case.

In other words, everything you need to be shooting within minutes of opening the package!

New BSA Lightning Woodsman Packages From AoA

In fact, there’s four versions of these BSA Lightning Woodsman packages. All are the same price – $549.99.

The Lightning XL package is available in .177 and .22 calibers. This is a traditional spring/piston implementation of the gun. Lightning GRT packages are the gas ram-powered version.

Both versions are available in both .177 and .22 calibers and all four models are set to the traditional British 12 Ft/Lbs power level. That means up to around 810 FPS for the .177 cal models and 575 FPS for the .22s.

Either way, the result is a sweet-shooting package with a two-stage trigger. All are easy to cock and fire for plinking or pesting.

New BSA Lightning Woodsman Packages From AoA

Airguns of Arizona explains that both the Lightning XL spring piston and GRT powerplants give consistent power with very little spring vibration or recoil. In addition, the GRT system allows for an indefinite amount of time to leave the BSA Lightning in the “cocked” position. This is a real bonus when hunting or pesting around the garden or in the field.

HAM asked Lauren parsons from AoA for her expert opinion of the two. Here’s what she said.

“The GRT feels nicer to shoot as it is gas ram. It has a smoother shooting cycle and the shot goes off effortlessly. The XL has a larger moderator on it and is a little beefier feeling. It is also a very easy to shoot gun but has a slightly more aggressive firing cycle.”

Thanks Lauren!

All models are compact at 37.5 Inches long and have walnut-stained beech, ambidextrous hardwood stocks. The “bare weight” is just 6.6 Lbs – that makes them still light with the bundled scope installed.

The included BSA Essentials 3-9×40 scopes have AO (Adjustable Objective) for close-focusing capability. This is combined with a Duplex reticle.

Each gun is sighted-in at a range of 20 Yards when you receive it. This was done using 8.64 Grain (in .177 cal) or 14.66 Grain (in .22) BSA Gold Star pellets, as appropriate. An additional tin of the same ammo is included with each bundle together with the BSA heavy duty gun case.

Warranty is two years and is provided in the USA by Airguns of Arizona directly.

BSA Lightning Woodsman XL (Spring) Package
BSA Lightning Woodsman GRT Package