New BSA Meteor Super Break Barrel Air Rifle Available

It’s not every day that a new, quality gas ram air rifle is announced. But today, the BSA Meteor Super break barrel breaks that trend!

The Meteor name has been used on BSA air rifles since the 1950s. Millions have been manufactured over the years.

Meteors have always been breakbarrels manufactured in England that have the ability to mount a scope – relatively unusual at the time of the brand’s introduction so many years ago.

The latest BSA Meteor Super break barrel is new to the US market. It’s now available and in stock at Airguns of Arizona in both the traditional .177 and .22 calibers.

New BSA Meteor Super Break Barrel Air Rifle Available

As you would expect, apart from the name, there’s very few similarities between those early Meteors and this new BSA Meteor Super break barrel. The super has a gas ram instead of a traditional coiled spring. It also has a stylish new solid wood stock.

New BSA Meteor Super Break Barrel Air Rifle Available

With an overall length of 42.5 Inches, this is a mid-sized breakbarrel air rifle. The weight is around 6 Lbs 6 Oz, plus scope. However – like all guns with “real tree wood” stocks, that is likely to vary slightly between individual examples.

Maximum power levels are up to 13 Ft/Lbs for the .22 caliber version. That’s up to 12 Ft/Lbs for the .177 guns. (It’s frightening for US readers to be reminded that 12 ft/Lbs is the legal maximum for a “full power” airgun across “The Pond” in the UK).

The Meteor Super does retain BSA’s signature hammer-forged barrel, but this now includes a threaded muzzle to which an airgun-specific moderator can be attached.

Product quality is backed-up by a 2-year warranty that’s fulfilled in the USA by the official importer, Precision Airgun Distribution.

There’s now not many quality break barrel air rifles in the market. Products from Weihrauch and Diana spring to mind, but not many others. So the appearance of this new BSA will be welcomed by the many shooters who still enjoy shooting this style of air rifle.

The price is $499.00.

BSA Meteor Super Break Barrel Air Rifle