New Crosman 1077 Tactical Announced

The new Crosman 1077 Tactical is the latest version of this popular CO2-powered air rifle. It brings a new look to the classic 1077 platform, combining a new stock with multiple Picatinny rails.

The 1077 has been manufactured in various versions since 1995, so it’s clearly a very successful model that has started many airgunners on their path to enjoyment.

The new Crosman 1077 Tactical features a completely redesigned tactical stock, including an adjustable cheekpiece. The manufacturer says this not only enhances the rifle’s aesthetics but also improves its handling and ergonomics. The Crosman model number is 1077TAC.

New Crosman 1077 Tactical Announced

The new stock also offers a comfortable and secure pistol grip, ensuring a good fit for users of all levels.

To meet the needs of modern shooters, the 1077 Tactical includes several picatinny rails for accessory mounting. These allow the owner to attach optics, lights, lasers, or other tactical gear to customize their rifle.

Crosman says that the 1077 Tactical is the perfect choice for backyard plinkers and airgun enthusiasts looking to elevate their shooting experience with a classic favorite that has received a modern facelift.

All 1077s use a single 12 Gram CO2 Powerlet for power. This is combined with a 12-shot rotary pellet magazine that can be removed for loading. HAM recommends that owners also buy a three-pack of additional pellet clips. They’re dirt cheap and allow a longer shooting session before needing to reload pellets.

Currently there are four versions of the 1077 available. In addition to the 1077 Tactical, there’s the “base” 1077 Repeatair with black synthetic stock, together a version with a “real tree wood” stock. In addition, there’s the 1077 Freestyle, which includes a modern design with color accents.

All models are equipped with open sights, but will accept a scope or red dot sight mounted on top of the receiver.

The Crosman 1077 Tactical will be available for purchase at select retail stores, online sellers, and Crosman’s official website. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the 1077 Tactical is set at $129.99, making it accessible to a wide range of shooters.

Hard Air Magazine tested a 1077 Wood back in 2015. We were surprised by the accuracy and liked the wood stock, awarding it a HAM Silver Award. Only the heavy trigger and poor quality of the bundled scope held it back from a better score.

1077 Tactical