New Crosman 362 And Drifter Multi-Pump Pneumatics

It looks like the traditional, multi-pump airgun is making a comeback! The forthcoming Crosman 362 and Drifter models are obvious developments of the long-running 1377/1322 platform and will be welcomed by many for that.

Judging from the catalog illustrations, the new Crosman Drifter is a carbine-length version of the 1322 with longer barrel. It looks to be using the carbine stock conversion that’s long been available as an accessory for the 1322, 2240 and other Crosman/Benjamin pistols.

The Crosman 362 is a full-length rifle with much longer barrel and compression tube. So there’s going to be more new parts in this one. However the same bolt-action breech is featured in all models.

Everyone knows that this short plastic 1322 breech can be replaced with a longer steel breech with scope rails. The HAM Team is guessing that this will be a “must have” upgrade for many future 362 owners!

New Crosman 362 And Drifter Multi-Pump Pneumatics

So the new 362 and Drifter will fit straight in to the large aftermarket of custom parts and accessories that has built-up over time for the 1377/1322 multi-pump models. Many airgunners will just love that!

Both the Crosman 362 and Drifter are listed as being in .22 caliber only. A comparison with the 1322 pistol shows how the power increased with barrel and compression tube length.

1322 – 460 FPS
Drifter – 550 FPS
362 – 800 FPS

That 800 FPS Muzzle Velocity for the Model 362 is the same as for the .22 caliber version of the synthetic-stocked Benjamin 392/397 that Velocity Outdoor first announced at the 2019 SHOT Show. (Photo below).

So it’s possible to think that there could be some common parts in the powerplants of the 362 and 392. Externally, the triggers look very similar, for one thing…

There’s no availability dates yet for the Model 362 or Drifter. But if you want a multi-pump .22 caliber air rifle right now, the synthetic stock 392 is available as the Benjamin Variable Pump Air Rifle, Model 392S.

Benjamin Variable Pump Air Rifle, Black 0.22
Benjamin Variable Pump Air Rifle