New Crosman 362 Multipump Pellet Rifle

HAM readers first heard about the Crosman 362 Multipump Pellet Rifle back in March 2021. Now it’s available and in stock at Pyramyd Air.

The 362 is a single-shot, .22 caliber bolt action, multipump air rifle – something like a grown up 1322 pistol. Given the huge fan base of the 1322/1377 platform, it’s a no-brainer that this new model will be a huge seller for Crosman!

New Crosman 362 Multipump Pellet Rifle

Manufacturer’s specifications indicate that the 362 will produce a top Muzzle Velocity of 875 FPS with alloy pellets and 700 FPS for lead. This gives credibility to Crosman’s positioning that this airgun develops the speed and accuracy for small-game hunting, pest control, or plinking.

As with other Crosman pump guns, the  multi-pump feature means that the shooter can adjust the power level of this airgun based on the number of times it is pumped. The range is between 2 and 8 pumps. With this ability, shooters are able to vary the power of each shot to suit a specific need based on the type of shooting they want to do.

So the 362 can even produce good performance with even as few as TWO pumps! Also, the pumping effort is said to be less than that for the much less powerful Crosman 760. Performance like that is likely to appeal to many and will undoubtedly meet Crosman’s claim that this will become an “everyday air rifle” for a ton of shooters.

New Crosman C362 Multipump Pellet Rifle

The Crosman 362 Multipump Pellet Rifle is equipped with an adjustable rear peep sight. There’s also a front fiber optic post sight.

As Crosman aficionados will immediately recognize, the 362 ships with a short, synthetic breech. That makes it generally unsuitable for scope mounting. Yes, you undoubtedly will be able to use the use Crosman Model 459MTC scope mounts, clamped around the barrel, but that can make pumping somewhat of a handful.

However, HAM understands that the well-known 2240/1322 Crosman Steel Breech will fit this gun.

Immediately, that makes the gun more attractive and allows easy mounting of at least a short scope using the built-in dovetail of the Steel Breech. That’s the route many enthusiasts will choose…

Street Price of the 362 is $99.99. That also will attract many Crosman enthusiasts!

Crosman 362 Multi-Pump Pellet Rifle 0.22