New Crosman A4-P Full Auto CO2 BB Pistol Announced

OK, so it had to happen! The new Crosman A4-P is a compact, pistol version of the company’s hugely-successful, full auto BB gun platform.

The first product out of the gate was the DPMS SBR. That was followed by the Bushmaster MPW, then the Crosman Full Auto R1, now the A4-P. All are based on an AR15-look lower with different uppers, stocks and barrel lengths.

HAM tested the Bushmaster MPW. We were very impressed with the performance of this soda can-shredding, fast-firing BB gun. We loved the fun factor and it earned a Gold Award with a massive 95% score on test.

Recently the Crosman Full Auto AK has joined the range, too. This provides a similar fun factor with a different external appearance, of course.

Back to the A4-P…

This has selective fire capability (both semi-and fully-automatic). There’s a blowback action and 25-round, drop free magazine – just like it’s longer brothers.

At 400 FPS, the claimed maximum Muzzle Velocity is a little slower than the long-barreled versions. However this is to be expected with the shorter barrel and CO2 power.

As with the other models from this platform, the AK-P is equipped with quad Picatinny accessory rails. So there’s plenty of potential for accessorizing the pistol with lights, lasers, foregrips and more…

The A4-P is also bundled with a red dot reflex sight. That’s probably the best type of sight for this gun’s close-range, rapid-firing action. However it would be possible to fit a scope or AR-type iron sights, if preferred.

At the rear of the pistol, an AR-compatible “buffer tube” is covered with a removable sleeve. This gives the potential for fitting AR-compatible stock if required.

It’s going to be available very soon…

Crosman A4-P Full Auto CO2 BB Pistol 0.177
Crosman A4-P Full Auto BB Pistol