New Crosman Black Widow BBs and Targets Introduced

Velocity Outdoor continues to roll-out fun, new products first seen at the 2019 SHOT Show. These include Crosman Black Widow BBs and Visible Impact target packs. They’re in production now and will be available near you very soon.

The Crosman Black Widow BBs have a claimed weight of 5.23 Grains. Unlike the traditional Crosman Copperhead BBs, they are black coated and available in bottles containing 1,000 BBs.

New Crosman Black Widow BBs and Targets Introduced

Crosman Black Widow BBs are slightly heavier than the Copperhead BBs, which have a claimed weight of 5.1 Grains. The Crosman product code is Model CBW1K.

In fact, Crosman Black Widow BBs are part of a complete makeover for the company’s BBs.

Crosman Copperhead BBs are also now becoming available in new packaging. The bottles are easier to pour, the labels different. Product Manager Phillip Guadalupe tells HAM that he’s found an improvement in BB-to-BB consistency also with the new products.

Copperhead BBs remain available in 1,500 ct, 2,500 ct, and 6,000 ct packages and the SKUs are the same as for the previous packaging.

Another new fun product at the fun end of the scale is Visible Impact target packs.

Visible Impact is one of the less-used brands in the Velocity Outdoor stable. However, it very well describes these self-adhesive, reactive airgun targets. When the black or red bull is hit, the target provides a clearly-visible white “splattter” around the impact area, making it easy to see the result from a distance away.

New Crosman Black Widow BBs and Targets Introduced

Each pack of Visible Impact targets contains 5 sheets of peel-off targets and repair patches.

There’s a total of 35 targets and 160 repair patches per pack. The targets themselves are in 4-inch, 3-inch and 2-inch diameters. The Crosman SKU for these targets is Model VITC5PK.

Copperhead .177 Cal, 5.1 Grains, BBs, 6000ct
Copperhead BBs 5.1 Grain, 6,000 Ct