New Crosman Prospect Starts Shipping Now

HAM readers first saw the new Crosman Prospect PCP air rifle in our report from the 2024 SHOT Show. Now it’s already in stock and ready to ship from the Crosman online store.

We can expect general retail availability in March 2024, Crosman tells us. That’s like, very soon…

New Crosman Prospect Starts Shipping Now

The company is positioning the Prospect as a hunting air rifle. It’s a regulated, side-lever action PCP. At a time when very few new PCPs are being offered in .177 caliber, the Prospect is. That could be an attraction to some shooters.

The Crosman model numbers are CPP7RS (for the .177) and CPP2RS for the .22 caliber guns.

New Crosman Prospect Starts Shipping Now

The magazine holds 12 shots in .177 caliber. In .22 cal, the capacity is 10 shots.

Another attraction is that the magazine projects only a little above the Picatinny rail. This means that scope ring choice will not be dictated by the need to clear the magazine, just the diameter of the riflescope’s objective lens.

An adjustable cheek piece is incorporated in the rear buttstock to aid in achieving a comfortable, consistent cheek weld.

New Crosman Prospect Starts Shipping Now

The Crosman Prospect has a two-stage trigger that is equipped with a manual safety.

There’s also a power control wheel on the right side of the breech, this is of the “transfer port restrictor type).

In addition, the hammer spring tension may be adjusted using the screw in the rear of the action.

New Crosman Prospect Starts Shipping Now

The  barrel is shrouded, however it also has a threaded muzzle so that a dedicated airgun silencer may fitted where legal.

Muzzle Velocity specification for the Crosman Prospect is up to the obligatory 1,000 FPS in .177 caliber. That’s approximately 18 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy.

In .22 caliber, the spec. is 900 FPS. That would be around 26 Ft/lbs with 14.3 Grain pellets.

The MSRP is $369.99.