New Crosman Vantage Plus Air Rifle Announced

The new Crosman Vantage Plus is a new breakbarrel air rifle that is fed by a manually indexed clip system for rapid follow-up shots. That’s called the “CLIP-fire” system.

The CLIP-fire rotary clip holds up to 6 pellets and is manually indexed between shots. The shooter simply actuates the barrel to cock the air rifle, advances the clip, closes the barrel, then fires the next pellet.

Crosman Vantage Plus Air Rifle

Product Manager Phillip Guadalupe explained to me that the manual clip system eliminates the need to dig in pockets or tins for extra pellets. It and allows the shooter to keep attention on the target.

Best of all it’s “jam proof” he said. Now that’s a really great feature for any air rifle!

While designed to operate primarily with the rotary clip, the Crosman Vantage Plus can also be loaded with a single pellet like a traditional break-barrel air rifle. The cocking effort is about 35 Lbs – that’s typical for a breakbarrel model of this power level.

Crosman has produced this useful video to illustrate the simple, yet effective, method of loading.

Nitro piston-powered, the Muzzle Velocity is up to 800 FPS with lead pellets, 950 FPS with alloy. (This is a .22 caliber-only model at the present time). That gives a peak Muzzle Energy of around 21 Ft/Lbs, making it suitable for pesting and hunting.

The Vantage Plus has an all-weather synthetic stock and built-in suppressor. It is supplied bundled with a 4 x 32 scope and carries the usual Crosman 5-year warranty. The Crosman model code is CVANP2X.

Crosman Vantage Plus Air Rifle

The .22 caliber Vantage Plus is in stock and shipping now from the Crosman web site. It retails for $139.99. You should find it in big box stores and elsewhere online in the near future, too…