New Daystate LC110 HPA Compressor Gives 4500 PSI From 110 Volt Electrical Supply.

Airguns of Arizona has announced the availability of the new Daystate LC110 HPA compressor. This new model is a three-stage unit which provides 4500 PSI pressure air and operates from a 110 Volt domestic electrical supply.

Daystate Ltd has partnered with a famous Italian compressor manufacturer to provide this new personal HPA compressor.

Airguns of Arizona says that the Daystate LC110 HPA compressor performs with speed and offers a lifetime of clean, dry compressed air. They also say that Daystate LC110 HPA compressor can be powered by any residential 15 amp outlet making this unit perfect for the garage or home office.

Filling speed claimed to be is fast for such a small compressor at 1.1 cubic feet per minute. AoA says this means that the Daystate LC110 HPA compressor is capable of filling a 75 cubic foot carbon tank from empty to 4500 psi in a little over one hour.

The manufacturer says that the air-cooled system of the Daystate LC110 HPA compressor requires only oil change service to keep running in top order for years on end. They also say that the noise level and running cadence is a pleasing “thump thump thump” from the compressor’s three cylinders.

Daystate says they have designed the Daystate LC110 HPA compressor to be lightweight and quiet for the best in portability and use in all environments. Bleeding petcocks make for easy moisture removal and a teapot style blow off is set at 4500 psi.  The Daystate pressure blow off adapter can be added as an option so that direct filling to an airgun is made safely possible.

The Daystate LC110 HPA compressor weighs 79 Lbs. The tubular steel frame is designed to provide built-in handles so that the unit can be moved easily. It also comes complete with a supply of synthetic oil. Just fill the unit with oil and it’s ready to run!

The selling price is $2,295.00.

Daystate LC110 HPA Compressor