New Daystate Red Wolf Benchrest Now Available

Just in time for the 2022 Extreme Benchrest, there’s a new version of the Daystate Red Wolf. The Red Wolf Benchrest is a new variant of this classic air rifle that’s available exclusively from Airguns of Arizona.

The obvious and primary difference from the regular Red Wolf is the stock. This is of the dedicated benchrest style for specialist use in that shooting discipline. Gone are the adjustable comb and buttpad. Gone also are the flowing curves of the original Minelli-designed stock.

What we have instead is the super-simple stock design that’s favored for exclusive benchrest shooting.

One other change is that the Red Wolf benchrest model is available in the famous red/black laminate, as well as a green laminate and a new tan laminate colorway.


With the exception of the stock, performance of this new Red Wolf variant is identical to that of the standard models.The .22 caliber version was just reviewed by Hard Air Magazine. It earned a prestigious HAM Gold Award with a stellar 98% score on test in .22 caliber!

Regular versions are available in .177 and .22 calibers. In addition, the High Power version can also be had in .25 and .30 calibers.

Without the pronounced pistol grip of the normal Red Wolf stock, this new benchrest model requires a change of location for the gun’s battery. So this is now located in the left side of the stock, ahead of the display window, as you can see from the photograph below.


Here’s another look at the battery housing and the underside of the pistol grip. Look, no trap door!


This US-only model of the Red Wolf is in stock at AoA now. Pricing is the same as for the normal version at $2,899.00.

Daystate Red Wolf Benchrest