New Daystate Red Wolf GP And Other News From IWA 2023

I’m reporting from Day One of the 2023 IWA OutdoorClassic exhibition. Let’s look first at the new Daystate Red Wolf GP, BRK (Brocock) Pathfinder XR and more news on the Daystate Group booth…

The Daystate Red Wolf GP is the latest model in the rapidly-growing range of Daystate “Wolf”-family air rifles. This one is a dedicated Field Target model, as Max from Daystate shows us in our heading photograph above.

New Daystate Red Wolf GP And Other News From IWA 2023

The Red Wolf GP os based on a solid Aluminum chassis from PRS, but designed specifically to Daystate requirements. It has an extended bipod rail under the HPA tank, from which is mounted a fixed “hamster”.

“Why not an adjustable ‘hamster”? I asked. The answer is that the fixed hamster is more robust than adjustable types under conditions of demanding use. OK, that makes sense…

Then there’s the Daystate Alpha Wolf Safari. This was making its first appearance in an international business show after having been launched at the British Shooting Show just a couple of weeks ago.

Below. It took a long wait to get a clear shot of the Daystate booth, without too many people in front of it…

New Daystate Red Wolf GP And Other News From IWA 2023

Daystate was also proudly displaying the HAM Awards that have been won by many of the company’s airguns. Thanks Daystate!

Another new model from the Daystate Group was the BRK (Brocock) Pathfinder XR (below).

The folding-stock Pathfinder XR is designed as an ultra-compact, yet powerful tool for hunters and pest controllers. It’s just 18.5 Inches long and weighs 6.4 Lbs. This looks to be a valuable addition to the ever-growing ranks of compact PCP air rifles, one of the most active sectors of the market right now.

The Pathfinder XR joins the BRK Ghost as yet another new model from the Daystate Group of companies.

Tony from Daystate showed me the Ghost, below. I’m reliably informed that a Ghost has arrived at the HAM offices during my absence. We’ll be bringing you more detail and a comprehensive HAM review in the very near future!

And here we see the BRK side of the group’s booth…

MTC Optics is the third “airgun-related” arm of the Daystate group. Again there was a number of new products on display. These included the new MTC King Cobra 8-32×50 scope that’s available with a choice of First or Second Focal Plane Mil-calibrated reticles.

That’s it mounted on the Red Wolf GP, below.

New Daystate Red Wolf GP And Other News From IWA 2023

There’s also a new Viper Connect 4-16×32 zoom prismatic scope (below). This combines an exceptionally-wide Field Of View with a high magnification and close to zero eye relief in a dedicated hunting scope for PCP air rifles.

What’s that second turret on the left side of the scope that we can see below? It’s a dynamic angle indicator that informs the shooter if her or she is shooting non-horizontally and allows for sighting corrections to be made as a result. Interesting!

You can find more information on the groups websites at: