New Daystate Slugs And More…

Daystate slugs are the latest product to be added to the manufacturer’s Rangemaster-branded airgun ammunition. In fact, they’re named Juggernauts!

New Daystate Slugs

Through exhaustive testing by its Accuracy Research Team (A.R.T), Daystate continues to develop its Rangemaster-branded airgun ammunition in collaboration with the world’s fines pellet manufacturers. The latest ammo to be adopted in this ongoing program is the new Rangemaster Juggernaut – a .22 calibre slug.

Extensive performance tests – on the range and in the field – over the past year have proven this 25.39-grain (1.645g), solid-body slug to produce a superior level of accuracy in both high power Daystate and Brocock air rifle models, says the company. They say this extends also many other air rifles with power output levels in excess of 30Ft/Lbs (40J).

Czech-made Juggernauts are the is the first Daystate slugs. They complement the Rangemaster’s already extensive line of pellets, which spans calibers from .177 to .30, in weights from 8.44 to 50.15 grains.

The company says that each of the Rangemaster products has been specially matched to suit specific purposes. This goes from short- and long-range hunting to Field Target and Benchrest competition. There’s ballistic configurations to cater for rifles with power outputs all the way from sub-12Ft/Lbs (16J) out to those in excess of 100+Ft/Lbs (135+J).

KaiserSovereignSovereign HunterKingEmperorJuggernaut
12 - 25 Ft/Lbs12 - 30 Ft/Lbs18 - 36 Ft/Lbs20 - 55 Ft/Lbs30 - 100 Ft/Lbs40 - 110 Ft/Lbs

Daystate pellets includes lines such as the Emperor, Kaiser, King and Sovereign roundhead diabolos. HAM has had great results testing .22 caliber Daystate Sovereigns and Kaisers, for example. In short, Daystate says the Rangemaster line offers high-quality ammo with ballistic configurations to cover every airgunning scenario.

The new .22 cal. Rangemaster Juggernaut is supplied in tins of 200. The UK price is a competitive £13.00 per tin, while the soon to be launched .25 is also supplied in tins of 200 and will cost £15.00 per tin.

Supplied in new, easily identifiable color-coded tins (of 150 to 500 according to type/caliber), Rangemaster is the line that’s got every shooting scenario covered, Daystate tells us.

Daystate slugs will be available at Airguns of Arizona in about October 2020.