New Daystate Workshop Guides

Daystate owners everywhere will be delighted to see the company’s latest initiative. It’s called Daystate Workshop Guides.

These Guides are located online. Just go to the “hamburger” (three line) menu link at the top right of the Daystate website, open the dropdown and select “Workshop Guides”. You’ll be taken to this page

Scrolling down, you’ll see that there are Guides for the four current main Daystate product lines: Wolverine R, Huntsman Revere, Red Wolf and Alpha/Delta Wolf. They’re all HAM Gold Award winners! From there you can select “Assembly Guide” or Disassembly Guide” options.

Before going any further I have to say that Daystate has put a HUGE amount of work into this ambitious project. And it shows!

Providing this degree of technical information and support in a comprehensive, yet easily-understood manner is extremely difficult. Yet the Daystate Workshop Guides deliver the results very well indeed. And it’s provided free.

New Daystate Workshop Guides

This is almost certainly the most comprehensive, detailed, yet easy-to-follow series of airgun instructions that I have seen. Well done to the Daystate team!!!

The guides include such useful information as a complete parts diagrams, list of tools required for the job and a precise list of the O rings required.

New Daystate Workshop Guides

Each guide is divided into sections, for example removing the regulator. There’s another, separate section on installing the regulator. Daystate Workshop Guides are not satisfied with the common “installation is the reverse of removal” formula!

In addition, each Daystate Workshop Guide is referenced with timestamps to a video created with the Sub 12 Airgunners YouTube Channel. Jeff, thanks for being a part of the HAM Community, too!

New Daystate Workshop Guides

As an alternative, these videos can be viewed in their entirety in the Daystate Daystate YouTube Channel at

Perhaps it’s appropriate to add a few words of translation for US airgunners wanting to use these Workshop Guides…

You’ll see mention of a tool called (in “English English”) a spanner. That’s a wrench in American English. Also an Allen Key is normally referred-to as a hex wrench on the Eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean 😉