New Delta Wolf Accessories Available

As HAM works through our multi-part mega-review of the Daystate Delta Wolf, this new video from Airguns of Arizona brings details of some aftermarket Delta Wolf accessories.

In this video, Chris from AoA presents the range of Delta Wolf accessories from UK-based Precision Rifle Systems (PRS).

These parts are CNC manufactured and finished to high quality levels to match those of the air rifle.

Basically – at this time – there are four accessories available. There’s an adjustable buttplate (actually two models here, with and without monopod), a cheek riser, bag rider and extension bipod-mounting rail.

Delta Wolf Accessories

The Precision Rifle Systems buttplate will doubtless be of interest to many Delta Wolf shooters as the factory part is surprisingly basic. It’s available with or without monopod. However you need to choose one or the other. This is because the monopod cannot be added subsequently to the “non monopod” version – as Chris explains in the video.

The cheek riser will be of use to those looking for a higher cheek weld with their Delta Wolf. It works with the existing factory cheekpiece. Unusually, the riser also allows the cheekpiece to be canted fore-and-aft, if required to make a more comfortable fit for the shooter.

The bag rider attaches to rear Picatinny rail. It’s intended to provide a convenient rest when Delta Wolf is shot in benchrest competition.

Finally, the Arca/Picatinny extension rail provides an extension to make bipod mounting possible further forward than with the factory setup. In fact, the Picatinny section of this rail is right at the front and is removable.

The Arca section matches the standard mounting system for photographic camera tripods. There’s also a couple of M-Lok slots included.

An interesting feature is the provision of a “bumper” on the top of the extension rail. This is to avoid any possible metal contact with the carbon fiber HPA bottle in use. There’s also a rear stop for use if rested on a bag.

PS. The airgun shown in this video is also fitted with a 0dB silencer. That’s another accessory, too!

These Delta Wolf accessories are available now in the USA from Airguns of Arizona.

Chris gives more information in the video, of course. Enjoy!