New Diana XR200 PCP Air Rifle Launched At SHOT Show

The Diana XR200 is the first model in what is promised to be a whole new range of PCPs. It’s made in Germany and is being shown for the first time at the 2022 SHOT Show.

The XR200 certainly is an interesting air rifle! It has some new and unique features, together with an impressive range of features. It’s to be available in four calibers: .177 cal, .22, .25 and .30 caliber.

One obvious feature is the position of the HPA pressure gauge. This is at the front of the pressure tube, however it faces backwards – towards the shooter – and is rotatable to be visible from either side of the gun. A big benefit here is one of safety: it’s not necessary to look down the barrel of the gun to read this gauge.

Diana XR200 PCP Air Rifle

Another feature that will be attractive to left-handed shooters is that the side cocking lever can be swapped from one side to the other by removing just one screw. The stock is completely ambidextrous, too.

The Diana XR200 will be available with German Lothar Walther barrels. There’s also the option of polygonal barrels and slug-optimized barrels.

Diana has also taken steps to make the XR200 slug-friendly by having very deep magazines. These are able to accept slugs of up to 16 mm length, says the company.

Of course the XR200 is regulated. An Altaros regulator is included for consistent shot count. It’s adjustable and there’s a pressure gauge on the right side of the action to display the regulator setting.

In addition, power levels can be adjusted by a screw setting.

Surprisingly, the maximum fill pressure for the 280 cc HPA tube is just 2,900 PSI. However Muzzle Energies of up to 59 Ft/Lbs can be generated by the new XR200, Diana tells HAM.

The barrel is shrouded and there’s a built-in compensation system for sound moderation and pellet stability.

Diana XR200 PCP Air Rifle

Naturally, the XR200 is fed by a rotary magazine. However a Two Shot tray is also included for precision shooting such as long range Benchrest competition.

There’s a two-stage adjustable trigger with a pull weight of between 500 and 700 Grams. That’s about 1.0 to 1.5 Lbs. This is combined with a hammer block safety. Diana also says that an optional “Olympic” trigger will be available. This has a pull weight of between 120 and 250 Grams: that’s between about 0.25 to 0.5 Lbs.

Not only that, but the Diana XR200 will be shipped in a hard plastic, synthetic gun case.

Diana XR200 PCP Air Rifle Specifications:

Length: 42.9 Inches
Weight: 6.5 Lbs
Magazine Capacity: .177 cal – 14 shots, .22 cal – 12 shots, .25 cal – 10 shots, .30 cal – 8 shots.
Muzzle Energy: .177 – 21 Ft/Lbs, .22 cal  – 33 Ft/Lbs, .25 cal – 44 Ft/Lbs, .30 cal – 59 Ft/Lbs

There’s obviously a lot more to say about this new Diana PCP. HAM hopes to be able to test one once they start shipping! Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Diana website for details as they become available…