New ELEY Ventus Pellets Launched in the USA.

The well-known British ammo manufacturer ELEY has entered the airgun pellet market with a selection of ELEY Ventus .177 wadcutters.

ELEY can trace its roots back as far as 1828, when the company was founded by William and Charles Eley. Their company was the first to produce the waterproof percussion cap, among other innovations, during their nearly 190 years of ammo production. In more recent times, ELEY ammunition has been used to win many Olympic shooting medals.

ELEY claims to produce the world’s most accurate competition .22LR ammunition manufacturer and says that ELEY Ventus pellets will follow suit. They are clearly taking aim at the precision target shooting airgun competitor.

The manufacturer says that Ventus pellets are a result of years of research and development and that they are made by ELEY in Birmingham, UK.

ELEY will offer these wadcutter pellets in three different head sizes: 4.49mm, 4.50mm and 4.51mm. Weight is 8.2 Grains per pellet, which ELEY says makes them ideal for use in both air rifles and air pistols.

ELEY says that their pellets are subject to the strictest manufacturing and analytical processes, ensuring accuracy is world-class. They also claim that weight control within batches is 30% better than any competitor!

ELEY Ventus pellets are shipped in damage-resistant packaging. ELEY says that four compartments and a foam rubber cushion eases dispensing and minimizes movement of the pellets to ensure less waste. This packaging is also said to be ideal for traveling; the transparent plastic box makes it easy to see the contents, and the secure click-shut box keeps the pellets in place, says ELEY.

The company also says that shooters will also be able to test ELEY ventus pellets at the ELEY test facility in Winters, TX.

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The MSRP is $19.99 per box

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