New From SIG SAUER – The P229 CO2 Air Pistol

Now there’s another new air pistol introduction from SIG SAUER. The P229 CO2 Air Pistol is a blowback version of the long-running firearm model.

As with all SIG airguns, the P229 CO2 Air Pistol is designed to provide an authentic experience compared to the firearm original. Identical weight, balance, and controls make it excellent for training, as users can seamlessly transition their skills – the company claims.

P229 CO2 Air Pistol

Foe example, there’s blowback operation, a functional decocker and a Double Action/Single Action trigger.

The P229 utilizes a drop-free magazine housing twin 8-shot rotary disk pellet-holders. Interestingly, these disks incorporate magnetic retainers, thus making it possible to use .177 cal. steel BBs in addition to lead pellets.

Externally this pistol is equipped with the ergonomically enhanced E2 grip, found on the current P229 models. This conceals the very clever, patented cam-lever CO2 loading system  which allows the shooter to quickly change CO2 cartridges without any tools. It’s even possible to change CO2 cartridges using just one hand, SIG says.

P229 CO2 Air Pistol

Like the SIG P320 X-Carry that was recently reviewed by HAM, the P229 is able to be configured with the SIG AIR Reflex Sight. This can be a very useful addition as it enables the Point Of Impact to be corrected when shooting the gun, something that’s not possible with the fixed open sights.

Up-front, the rifled steel barrel has a M14x1 CCW threaded muzzle and thread protector.

Muzzle Velocity specs are “up to 380 FPS”. However the actual velocity will vary somewhat depending on projectile weight, ambient temperature and rate of fire. That’s common with all CO2-powered airguns and most users will know this already.

Overall length is 7.7 Inches and the weight 2.2 Lbs. The P229 is shipping now and the price is $119.99.

SIG Sauer P229 Blowback CO2 Air Pistol 0.177