New From Umarex – The SurgeMax Elite Air Rifle

There’s a lot happening at Umarex USA right now! In addition to announcing the new Gauntlet 2 PCP and the M29 CO2 revolver, the company has also released the new SurgeMax Elite air rifle.

The Umarex Surgemax Elite is a single-shot, breakbarrel air rifle that’s powered by the company’s TNT gas ram. With a Street Price of only $129.95, it’s clearly playing in the value end of the market. However, there’s a surprisingly strong suit of features included for the price.

New From Umarex - The SurgeMax Elite Air Rifle

In .177 caliber, the SurgeMax Elite has a claimed Muzzle Melocity of 1,200 FPS with alloy pellets – 1,050 with 7.0 Grain lead pellets. This caliber is available now, the .22 caliber version is due in August. In .22, the gun is specified to achieve up to 900 FPS with lead pellets.

So the Muzzle Velocity is high enough for customers buying on that basis. This is combined with a 3-year warranty from Umarex USA that’s fulfilled from the company’s Fort Smith, AR headquarters.

The skeleton-style, synthetic black stock is ambidextrous. The pistol grip is steeply raked and textured for a good grip. There’s also a sling loop and rubber buttpad.

Many customers still want to see open sights on an air rifle, so the SurgeMax Elite includes typical fiber-optic open sights. The rear sight is adjustable for elevation and windage, as expected.

There’s a two-stage trigger with an automatic safety that’s deactivated by a lever just ahead of the trigger blade when it’s time to shoot. Weight is 7 Lbs and the overall length just over 45 Inches.

Up-front, Umarex has included a sound suppressor that doubles as a convenient grip when cocking this breakbarrel.

The SurgeMax Elite also incorporates the Umarex Nucleus Rail System. This means that the included 4 x 32 scope is mounted on a Picatinny rail that’s incorporated in an extension to the stock.

Umarex says that its Nucleus Rail System provides a sound and vibration absorbing insulating sheath around the action. External vibration and sound generated by the gas ram firing is absorbed and distributed throughout the rifle, the company explains. This is designed to reduce shock to the scope on firing and also to lower the sound perceived by the shooter on firing.

Umarex SurgeMax Elite Air Rifle Combo 0.177
Umarex SurgeMax Elite Combo .177 Cal