New FX Crown Synthetic Model Featured In Latest Airgun Depot Video

The Airgun Depot and FX Airguns USA teams get together for this new video about the FX Crown Synthetic Model PCP air rifle. It’s available now for pre-order…

The FX Crown Synthetic model was announced at the 2018 IWA OutdoorClassics exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. HAM brought you details of the gun directly from the show, of course!

The synthetic stock allows FX Airguns to bring a lower-priced version of the Crown to customers. It also gives a stock that will tolerate the knocks, bangs and dents that often appear over time with wood stocked airguns.

HAM has a .177 caliber laminated wood stock Crown in-house for testing and we’ll bring you this full review soon. But here you can see a thorough review of the forthcoming synthetic stock model.

Then Jon and Travis go head to head in a 200 Yard golf ball shootout. Who wins? You’ll just have to watch the video to find out!

And there’s more information about the FX Crown Synthetic model in this “Definitive Guide” to the complete Crown line that’s been published by Airgun Depot.

FX Crown Synthetic Model PCP Air Rifle