New FX Dreamline Bottle Compact Doubles Shot Count

The new FX Dreamline Bottle Compact is the latest version in the Dreamline range. It provides more than double the shot count of the previous version by replacing the previous 170 cc HPA cylinder with a 300cc Carbon Fiber bottle.

FX says that the 300cc carbon fiber bottle fills to 250 Bar (3,625 PSI) allowing for an impressive amount of shots per fill for such a small rifle. That’s up to 60 shots per fill in .22 caliber, and 45 shots per fill in .25 caliber on a standard tuning.

New FX Dreamline Bottle Compact Doubles Shot Count

In comparison the standard Dreamline Compact with its 170 cc air cylinder filled to its 230 Bar (3,335 PSI) maximum achieved 25 shots per fill in .22 caliber, and 20 shots per fill in .25 caliber.

The new high-capacity HPA bottle can be fitted to existing Dreamline Compact air rifles, so long as a new, thinner shroud is fitted. Owners in the USA who would like to purchase this thinner shroud can contact FX USA at 1-866-639-0772 or email at For those outside of the US, please contact your local dealer for availability.

The Dreamline Bottle Compact will be offered in two models: The Dream-Lite Bottle Compact and the Dream-Tact Bottle Compact. The Dream-Lite is a sleek streamlined model with a removable rear skeleton stock that weighs in at just 5.2 Lbs.

New FX Dreamline Bottle Compact Doubles Shot Count

The Dream-Tact Bottle Compact includes a folding stock adapter, ready to be equipped with a Mil-Spec AR Buttstock of your choice (not included). Installing a click-to-fold stock allows this already compact rifle to become even smaller for extreme portability at just 21.5 Inches folded (23.75 In. folded in .25 Cal).

The Dreamline Compact is engineered to provide modular versatility and a backpack friendly setup without compromising shot-count and performance, FX tells us.

Large capacity standard Side-Shot magazines are also a part of this model. They provide 18 rounds per magazine in .22 caliber (21 rounds in .177 cal or 16 rounds in .25 cal). Other Dreamline features include the externally adjustable AMP regulator, rear hammer power adjuster and transfer port adjuster.

In addition, there’s side lever cocking and the expected FX fully adjustable match grade trigger.

Below. A silencer can also be added to the shrouded barrel.

New FX Dreamline Bottle Compact Doubles Shot Count

The barrel on the Compact is the interchangeable FX Superlight Smooth Twist X barrel using the Superior STX liner. This is 300mm long (380mm in .25 caliber). All Dreamline models including the Dreamline Compact now come with the Dreamline Power Plenum standard.

The 300cc Carbon Fiber bottles are available for purchase individually through any FX dealer.

FX Dreamline Bottle Compact Specifications Summary:
 .177 Cal.22 Cal.25 Cal
Shots Per Fill In Typical Tune1006045
Muzzle EnergyUp to 16 Ft/LbsUp to 28 Ft/LbsUp to 40 Ft/Lbs
Magazine Capacity21 Rounds18 Rounds16 Rounds
Overall Length (Stock Dependent)30.75 Inches30.75 Inches33.25 Inches
Weight (Stock Dependent)5.4 Lbs5.4 Lbs.5.5 Lbs.
FX Dream-Tact Compact 0.25
FX Dream-Tact Compact