New FX Hybrid Slugs Announced

FX Hybrid Slugs are the latest product to appear from FX Airguns. Initial indications are that there’s a lot to like!

Slugs, as we know, offer excellent performance for long range shooting. But they tend to be very heavy and require a powerful PCP to shoot well.

So what are hybrid slugs?

FX says that their Hybrid Slugs offer the best of traditional airgun pellet technology, combined with the benefits of a slug. Here’s the reasoning…

Standard diabolo pellet shapes offer low bearing surface friction due to the limited length of the head in contact with the barrel. They have relatively thin skirts and conform well to the barrel rifling during firing.

These are good things. However, the traditional “wasp waisted” design gives a low Ballistic Coefficient. This results in a rapid loss of velocity as the pellet travels downrange.

Swaged slugs offer much better Ballistic Coefficients than pellets. However the weight and large surface contact area requires a lot of power and a perfect fit with the airgun’s barrel.

New FX Hybrid Slugs Announced

FX Hybrid Slugs are claimed to combine a high Ballistic Coefficient with relatively low weight. Most importantly, FX testing indicates that they can be shot accurately using many existing PCP air rifles.

Best results are achieved using FX STX Pellet Liners. They DO NOT require the use of a dedicated slug liner for best performance.

Hybrid Slugs combine a deeply-recessed base with a large hollow core. This hollow core offers massive expansion for hunting use as well as being a key driver of the reduced weight.

FX says that Hybrid Slugs offer flatter trajectory, more retained energy downrange and less susceptibility to wind drift than any traditional pellet. All this amounts to ideal long-range performance for both hunting and target shooting, they tell HAM. Optimum Muzzle Velocity is in the 920 – 940 FPS range, but results are said to be also very good at lover velocities.

HAM has received samples of the FX Hybrid Slugs in .22 caliber. Specifications are for a weight of 22 Grains, a diameter of .217 Inches (5.51 mm) and a G1 Ballistic Coefficient of 0.080.

These Hybrid Slugs are being made in the USA and will initially be available from FX dealers within the US. Exporting to other countries is being worked on. Other weights and calibers will arrive in 2020 from FX Airguns to tailor to the length of barrel, hunting application, and your specific shooting style.

Hybrid Slugs are packed in trays of 100. MSRP starts at $14.99 for a tray.

Expect to see FX Hybrid Slugs become available in additional calibers in future. Plans call for them to be produced in .25 caliber in the near future, too.

Stay tuned, we’re going to hear a lot about Hybrid Slugs in future…

New FX Hybrid Slugs Announced

FX Hybrid Slugs .22 Cal