New FX Panthera Hunter Air Rifle Available Soon

In December 2022, FX Airguns launched a new dedicated, slug shooting competition gun, the Panthera. Now there’s a new version, the FX Panthera Hunter. And this one’s a pellet-shooter!

The FX Panthera Hunter joins the growing number of compact PCPs that are intended for hunting. Compared to the “Competition” Panthera, it’s more compact, with a shorter barrel. There’s also a HPA bottle in the standard position under the barrel – at least in the basic version.

New FX Panthera Hunter Air Rifle Available Soon

Pyramyd Air is showing availability for May 26, 2023. So it’s available for pre-order now and will be shipping very soon.

As with other FX air rifles, the Panthera Hunter is to be available in a wide variety of configurations. Calibers start with .177 and go all the way to .30 cal. with a claimed maximum Muzzle Energy of 107 Ft/Lbs despite the short barrel!

New FX Panthera Hunter Air Rifle Available SoonThe compact Panthera Hunter has an adjustable reversible cheekpiece, a reversible sidelever and an adjustable buttstock. It also uses a a standard AR grip.

Other features include a two-stage adjustable match trigger, an adjustable hammer spring tension power wheel and an externally-adjustable AMP MKII regulator. This allows the owner many options to customize it for different types of shooting.

The Panthera Hunter will also be configurable with two HPA bottles – one forward, the other aft (as with the “competition” Panthera). As you’d expect, this will require an additional accessory kit to achieve.

Other configuration options include a collapsible AR stock kit adapter and an ARCA-compatible forend.

The weight is light at around 6 Lbs 4 Oz, or so for the “bare” gun in regular configuration.

The Street Price starts at $1,699.99.

.177 Cal..22 Cal..25 Cal..30 Cal
Magazine Capacity21181613
Shots Per Fill100604535
Muzzle Energy (Max)N/a40 Ft/Lbs71 Ft/Lbs107 Ft/Lbs
Barrel Length300 mm300 mm380 mm395 mm
FX Panthera Hunter Compact Air Rifle 0.177