New FX Slug Shooting Upgrades Announced

Announced today is a slew of new FX slug shooting upgrades. Most of these relate to the Impact M3, including a redesigned Rear Block, tungsten hammer weight and tensioned barrels.

FX Slug Shooting Upgrades – Power Block

The Impact Power Block upgrade will be of particular use for those shooting the Impact at higher power, especially with heavy slugs. FX has completely redesigned the rear block and the valve house which allows better air flow, efficiency, and power potential.

The pressure in the plenum can now better translate to the pressure behind the slug upon firing, allowing higher speeds and power, says the company.

New FX Slug Shooting Upgrades Announced

Those shooting heavy slugs are encouraged to add the FX Impact Tungsten Hammer Weight (below) to also allow for higher working pressures.

FX explains that his new Impact M3 Power Block was introduced into FX manufacturing at the beginning of 2022. So all FX Impacts manufactured in 2022 have a Power Block (though unbranded until now).

2021 Impact M3s can be upgraded to the Power Block and its associated valve house. Older Impacts can also be upgraded to this new Power Block but will need to have a Power Plenum 720 installed.

FX Slug Shooting Upgrades – Tungsten Hammer Weight

Slug shooting requires higher pressures to move the additional weight and bearing surface that slugs have. In addition, with the use of longer barrels, speed can be increased upon firing, if the valve can remain open longer.  Both can be achieved with the Impact Tungsten Hammer Weight, says FX.

As Tungsten is 1.7x denser than steel (used for the standard FX hammers), it’s heavier for a part of the same size. This extra weight hits the valve with more power which allows the valve to open at higher regulated pressures and stay open longer before closing.

New FX Slug Shooting Upgrades Announced

This is particularly useful with longer barrels (700mm & 800mm), FX explains, as the longer the barrel, the more desirable it is to have the valve stay open (ideally to just before the slug leaves the barrel).

Tungsten Hammers will also be available for the FX Wildcat MkIII, FX Maverick, FX Crown MkII and all FX Dreamline configurations. Note that those shooting standard pellets will not see benefits from the Tungsten Hammer.

FX Slug Shooting Upgrades – FX Tensioned Barrel System

Shooting heavy slugs at high power requires a more rigid barrel to handle the pressure and vibrations created by these projectiles. The new FX Tensioned Barrel System adds the firmness needed to reach the potential of the FX Impact with heavy slugs.

From a barrel harmonics perspective, the tensioner system flattens the amplitude of barrel movement which results in better accuracy, FX tells HAM. In addition, the barrel becomes more temperature stable and will further hold zero regardless of conditions or accidental knocks to the barrel.

The FX Tensioned Barrel System will be sold both as an add on system that can be used with any existing 700mm STX barrels, or sold with a barrel as part of a complete FX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit.

For optimal accuracy the tensioned barrel system should be used in unison with the FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Liners Sleeves.

FX Slug Shooting Upgrades – 700mm, 800mm Slug Tensioned Barrel Kits

FX is also introducing an 800mm Slug Tensioned Barrel for the FX Impact. This barrel will allow the FX Impact to shoot heavier slugs at the speeds needed to create a higher BC which will allow the Impact to shoot at further distances.

The 800mm Slug Tensioned Barrel, when combined with a Power Block and Tungsten hammer weight equipped FX Impact, will shoot a .22 caliber 40 Grain slug at speeds of 1030 FPS, says FX.

The .22 caliber version of the 800mm Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit is shipping now. FX Airguns plans to release .25 cal, .30 and .35 caliber versions of the 800mm barrel as well as a full set of 700mm Slug Tensioned Barrels in the near future.

All FX Tensioned Barrels allow the shooter to use a moderator. 1/2” UNF threads come standard on all but the .35 Calibers, which use an M18x1 thread.

Note: The tensioned barrel is not really needed for pellet shooters because pellet shooting uses much less pressure and produces less movement to the barrel. The existing STX barrels are more than rigid enough to cater to standard pellets and their associated speeds, (except for the .35 caliber that does benefit from it).

FX Slug Shooting Upgrades – GRS Top Mount Bipod

New FX Slug Shooting Upgrades Announced

This Bipod was originally developed by GRS for F-Class ELR and similar long-range disciplines. With the recent optional extended Impact top rails offered by multiple manufacturers, this bipod can enhance the accuracy obtainable from an Impact, FX explains.

The physics of accuracy gained by the GRS Bipod come through how the recoil effects your barrel when firing your rifle. By mounting a bipod over your barrel as opposed to under it, the recoil delivers straight back into the shooter instead of torquing at the bipod and recoiling up.

The Bipod mounts to the extended top rail via the GRS Spigot Adapter set (included in the Bipod with Adapter combo offered through airgun retailers). This set allows for the quick and effective mounting of the GRS Bipod to the Picatinny Rail.

The spigot allows the bipod to pivot for uneven conditions in a real-world setting. The cant of the bipod can be locked and secured by using the re-positionable lock down lever.

FX Impact X, Black PCP Air Rifle 0.22