New FX Wildcat MkIII BT Launched

The new FX Wildcat MkIII BT is launched today. It provides more power, especially useful for the increasing number of shooters who are using slugs as their primary ammunition.

The “BT” version is an upgrade to the Wildcat MkIII that was originally launched in 2020. It uses a dual-regulated action and 89cc Power Plenum to provide significant increases in both power and shot count compared to the regular Wildcat MkIII.

New FX Wildcat MkIII BT Launched

The FX Wildcat MkIII BT is available in three primary versions. The “Compact” with features a short 500 mm barrel and small 300 cc carbon fiber HPA tank. That’s shown in our heading photograph above. The “Sniper” model has a larger 580 cc carbon fiber bottle and longer 700 mm barrel. That’s the one in the photo above.

There’s also a “VP” model that uses a 400 cc Aluminum bottle and mid-length 600 mm barrel to achieve a lower price point.

In a sign of the times, the FX Wildcat MkIII BT is available in .22, .25 and .30 calibers. There’s no .177 caliber option.

FX Wildcat MkIII BT

FX explains that both regulators are externally-adjustable and that – combined with the rear power adjuster – this provides an almost-infinite range of adjustment to match the characteristics of the projectiles you want to fire from the gun.

The power and shot count specs are impressive, as we can see from the table below.

 Wildcat MkIII BT CompactWildcat MkIII BT SniperWildcat MkIII BT VP
Muzzle Energy.22 up to 52 Ft/Lbs
.25 up to 63 Ft/Lbs
.30 up to 93 Ft/Lbs
.22 up to 69 Ft/Lbs
.25 up to 82 Ft/Lbs
.30 up to 113 Ft/Lbs
.22 up to 64 Ft/Lbs
.25 up to 77 Ft/Lbs
.30 up to 104 Ft/Lbs
Shots Per Fill110 shots in .22
70 shots in .25
35 shots in .30
270 shots in .22
170 shots in .25
90 shots in .30
160 shots in .22
100 shots in .25
55 shots in .30

New FX Wildcat MkIII BT Launched

Above, the rear power adjuster is easy to see and operate.

FX Airguns says that the Wildcat MkIII will remain available as it’s most suitable for shooters who prefer to use traditional weight pellet, rather than heavy slugs.

There’s more information available on the FX Airguns website.

FX Wildcat MKIII BT Sniper PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock 0.22