New Gamo Big Bore Air Rifles in .35 and .45 Calibers

Gamo has announced a new badass big bore rifle in town. In fact, there are two! The new Gamo big bore air rifles are the TC35 (.35 caliber) and TC45 (.45 caliber).

The company says that these Gamo big bore air rifles have the looks and performance to overtake the market. These new tactical/hunting guns produce tremendous velocities – say Gamo – combined with the accuracy needed to hunt predators and deer.

Both of these black PCP guns share the same top-of-the-line features: a 480CC Carbon fiber air cylinder fillable to 250 bar, an adjustable 2-stage trigger, in-line valve system, integrated suppressor and a Weaver Rail System for mounting optics.

The new Gamo TC35 and TC45 are single shot air rifles. The company claims they are capable of producing approximately 1-inch groups at 50 Meters, and producing acceptable hunting power out to 100 Meters.

You get an average of 15 shots out of every tank filling, Gamo tells us.

Muzzle energy of these Gamo big bore air rifles is said to be capable of exceeding 150 Ft/Lbs, with Muzzle Velocities ranging from 600 to 900-plus FPS, depending on projectile.

The TC35 is intended for predators such as coyotes and smaller hogs, and the TC45 has applications that include deer, hogs, antelope and other medium-sized game animals.

Looks like we’ll be seeing these new Gamo big bore air rifles at the 2018 SHOT Show very soon! At last year’s 2017 SHOT Show, Gamo included an Evanix big bore air rifle at their “Industry Day at the Range” event, as the photograph below shows.

New Gamo Big Bore Air Rifles in .35 and .45 Calibers

The Evanix connection was not mentioned otherwise at the 2017 SHOT Show, however this would appear to be the genesis of the new Gamo big bore air rifles announced today. The looks of the Gamo TC35 and TC45 models are clearly very similar to the unmistakable outline of the Evanix Rex HAM reviewed in .22 caliber, but clearly with a larger HPA tank.