New Hatsan Airguns At SHOT Show 2024

As always, there were many new Hatsan airguns at SHOT Show 2024! Cecil Bays from Hatsan USA showed them to me, starting with the new Velox semi automatic PCP pistol shown above.

It’s also available in black…

The chunky-looking Velox is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers with magazine capacities of 14, 12 and 10, respectively. The number of shots per fill “at optimal velocity” as the manufacturer puts it, is 22 in .177 caliber, 20 for .22 and 19 for .25 cal.

Muzzle energy peaks at 15 Ft/Lbs in the .25 cal version. Here it is from the other side.

New Hatsan Airguns At SHOT Show 2024

Then there was a new version of the Jet pistol. The Jet 2 QER is regulated and comes as a combo with a removable buttstock. There’s a shrouded barrel, integrated silencer and interchangeable, dual HPA cylinders.

New Hatsan Airguns At SHOT Show 2024

In close-up (below), it’s easier to see the flip-up peep rear sight.

Cecil also showed me a new version of the selective-fire Blitz. This has a larger, higher-pressure HPA bottle for more shots per fill. Other specs are slimilar to the current model.

New Hatsan Airguns At SHOT Show 2024

This new Blitz was labeled as the “777”, although Cecil was not sure this would carry-forward into full production. We’ll have to see!

The new Blitz is the lowest in this wall display of new Hatsan airguns at the 2024 SHOT Show, below.

At top is the new Factor Sniper Long. It certainly look very long! In fact, the length is 49.6 Inches with the stock fully extended. Intended for long range competition, the Factor Sniper Long is based on the Factor action that HAM readers first saw in our report from the 2023 IWA OutdoorClassics show in Germany.

Calibers are from .22 to .35 with power levels of up to 169 Ft/Lbs, Hatsan says, with the regulator set at 150 Bar (2,175 PSI). The price is $1,200.

The middle gun of the three above is the new Flash R QE. It’s a regulated version of the Flash with a sidelever action. Look for a price of around $300.00 for this one.

Then there’s the arrow launchers! Two new Hatsan airguns in this category are the Hydra Arrow (top in the photo below) and the Harpoon (below it).

Both are PCPs, of course. The Harpoon is a dedicated arrow launcher, while the Hydra Arrow is a version of Hatsan’s multi-barrel “system gun”.

I’m always amazed at the number of new product introductions that hatsan makes every year. It looks like 2024 is no different! You can find a ton of detail in the 2024 Hatsan USA catalog.