New Hatsan Flash and FlashPup PCP Air Rifles Launched At SHOT Show

HatsanUSA has announced a new range of entry-priced PCP air rifles – the Hatsan Flash and FlashPup.

Weighing just under 6 pounds and delivering up to 40 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy, the only thing “entry-level” about these air rifles is the price tag, says Hatsan. The synthetic stock Hatsan Flash has an MSRP of $299.99.

The company tells HAM that the Hatsan Flash features all of the hallmark standards expected from a Hatsan PCP airgun. These include a Quattro two-stage adjustable trigger, a 22 and 11mm combination optics rail, built in pressure gauge and the patented QuietEnergy Sound Moderation System for noise reduction.

Unlike previous manual-loading Hatsan airguns, the all-new Flash features the Roto-Index magazine – previously only used in the company’s semi-automatic models. This spring-loaded rotary mag automatically indexes the next pellet each time the bolt is cycled, without the need for heavy external mechanisms.

Another first found in the Hatsan Flash is its removable single-shot tray, which allows users to load longer, more specialized pellets and precision hand-loads.

New Hatsan Flash and FlashPup PCP Air Rifles Launched At SHOT Show

In addition to the synthetic stock rifle, the Flash will also be available in an elegant, bullpup, hardwood option with a $399.99 MSRP – the FlashPup.

The Flash and FlashPup are available in three calibers with these claimed performance characteristics:

.177 (1,250 FPS / 29 Ft/Lbs)

.22 (1,120 FPS / 38 Ft/Lbs)

.25 (900 FPS / 40 Ft/Lbs).

They include two Roto-Index magazines and are fitted with Hatsan’s patented Anti-Knock System. There’s a one-year limited warranty.

Hatsan Flash and FlashPup Specifications:

– Manual loading, side bolt action, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle

– QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel and Integrated Sound Moderator – Reduces sound 50%

– Precision rifled and choked barrel for accuracy

– Detachable, caliber specific, multi-shot, spring-loaded magazine

– Includes 2 magazines, single-shot tray, and a quick-fill nozzle

– Black anodized aluminum receiver

– Combination 22mm and 11mm dovetail rail

– Ambidextrous, all-weather synthetic stock with Monte Carlo cheek piece or hardwood pistol grip bullpup stock with adjustable cheek piece

– Picatinny rail beneath the forearm

– Checkered grip for better control and feel

– Rubber butt pad

– Fixed 165cc volume aluminum air cylinder

– Built-in pressure gauge

– Patented anti-knock system to prevent gas wastage when rifle is knocked or bounced

– Manual safety

– Quattro Trigger: 2-stage full adjustable match trigger for trigger travel and trigger load