New Hatsan Hydra QE And PCPs From AirForce At 2020 SHOT Show

Hatsan always shows many new models at the SHOT Show. This year was no exception: one of the most interesting was the Hatsan Hydra QE, which offers an interesting approach to achieving a multi-caliber air rifle.

Hatsan USA Product Manager Shane Stringer showed us the new Hatsan Hydra. When assembled, it looks much like any other bolt action, traditional-style PCP air rifle – see our heading photograph above.

The unique approach for the Hydra is that it provides interchangeable caliber capability by allowing complete barrel/breech/silencer assemblies to be easily swapped on a standard lower. The company calls it “Versi-Cal Technology”. Here’s how it works…

First we see the breech section of the Hatsan Hydra lower, looking down from the top. Above the bolt action, you’ll see some slots and a vertical post assembly at the rear.

New Hatsan Hydra QE And PCPs From AirForce At 2020 SHOT Show

Then the complete barrel assembly is lowered down onto the lower. The hammer pin is visible projecting down in the photograph below. At the front of the upper there’s a wedge lock. This is tightened into position when the knurled knob at the rear of the barrel assembly is tightened against the vertical posts.

Hatsan says that this concept is simpler and easier than alternative solutions which require both barrel and bolt to be installed separately to change caliber. They also claim that a scope can be left in place on each barrel assembly, so re-sighting-in is not required when changing calibers.

New Hatsan Hydra QE And PCPs From AirForce At 2020 SHOT Show

The Hatsan Hydra is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers. The gun is purchased in the caliber of your choice, additional barrel assemblies are available at extra cost.

In what seems to have been a last-minute addition, the Hatsan Hydra was also showed with an arrow-firing “barrel assembly”. You can see this leaning against the open case top in our heading photograph. So this is definitely a very versatile PCP air rifle!

Other new Hatsan PCP models included the Blitz. This is a selective-fire (semi- or fully-auto) model that’s available in .22 cal, .25 and .30 caliber. The breech has a Picatinny rail for scope mounting. However there’s also a combined top handle and iron sights assembly, which is seen in the photograph below.

The Hatsan Piledriver is another new big bore PCP air rifle. It’s a single-load, sidelever model that’s available in both .45 cal and .50 cal. Hatsan says that 4 – 6 shots with a maximum of 700 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy are available with the .45 cal version. In .50 cal, expect 3 – 5 shots at over 800 Ft/Lbs, they indicate. Phew!

Talking of 800 Ft/Lb big bore air rifle introductions, AirForce also has a new .50 caliber Texan. Another new introduction from the company is a new range of Rapid Air Weapons models which are available on a modular aluminum chassis – as Cameron Brinkerhoff shows us.

AR-15 compatible pistol grips and butt stocks can be attached and M-LOK slots are included in the sides of the chassis for mounting additional accessories. This “house clearance RAW” will likely come as a surprise to many who have seen the RAW as a long range target rifle!

AirForce International is the US distributor for Cometa airguns. The PCP models from this Basque company have received a number of internal modifications, while the Cometa Advance bullpup is ow also available in .30 caliber.

Again, there’s a ton of new airguns to be found at the 2020 SHOT Show. We’ll finish Hard Air Magazine’s reporting from the show with a final post tomorrow…