New Hatsan Hydra QE Multi-Caliber PCP Air Rifle Launched

The Hatsan Hydra QE PCP air rifle was first shown at the 2020 SHOT Show. HAM readers read about it in this report.

Hatsan USA Product Manager Shane Stringer (above) showed us the interesting new model. The company says that it features their patented Versi-Cal Technology interchangeable caliber system. This allows one to trade calibers with a single thumb screw.

The Hydra provides interchangeable caliber capability by allowing complete barrel/breech/silencer assemblies to be easily swapped on a standard lower.

Hatsan Hydra QE Multi-Caliber PCP Air Rifle
Above we see the breech section of the Hatsan Hydra lower, looking down from the top. Above the bolt action, you’ll see some slots and a vertical post assembly at the rear.

Then the complete barrel assembly is lowered down onto the lower. The hammer pin is visible projecting down in the photograph below. At the front of the upper there’s a wedge lock. This is tightened into position when the knurled knob at the rear of the barrel assembly is tightened against the vertical posts.

Hatsan says that this concept is simpler and easier than alternative solutions which require both barrel and bolt to be installed separately to change caliber. They also claim that a scope can be left in place on each barrel assembly, so re-sighting-in is not required when changing calibers.

Hatsan Hydra QE Multi-Caliber PCP Air Rifle

Available calibers for the Hatsan Hydra QE PCP system range from .177 cal to .25 cal. There’s also an arrow-firing module. This allows shooters to use the rifle with commercially available crossbow arrows.

The arrow module features a hollow guide rod for the arrow to slide over. It accepts 20-inch 2219 aluminum and carbon fiber arrows with a 0.30-Inch inside diameter. You can see it in the right background of our heading picture, leaning against the gun case.

The Hydra is purchased as an air rifle in your choice of caliber. Additional barrel/receiver modules are available separately.

Hatsan says that the Hatsan Hydra QE PCP air rifle provides a modular air rifle platform capable of a wide range of uses. It can be used for target and small game hunting with pellets, then be swapped in seconds for larger game hunting with arrows without the need to buy another complete airgun, the company explains.

Hatsan Hydra QE Features:

– Versi-Cal Technology (VCT) interchangeable caliber system
– Manual loading, repeating, bolt-action Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifle
– Available in .177, .22, and .25 caliber – optional 20-Inch arrow module
– Additional barrel / receiver modules available separately
– Fully shrouded barrel with integrated sound moderator
– Detachable, caliber-specific, multi-shot, spring rotary magazine
– Combination 22mm and 11mm dovetail rail accepts a wide range of optics mounts
– Turkish walnut stock with Monte Carlo cheek rest
– Textured stock grip surfaces
– Elevation and fit angle adjustable rubber butt pad
– Fixed 165cc High Pressure Air cylinder
– Fill Pressure: 2900 PSI (200 bar)
– Patented anti-knock system
– Quattro Trigger: 2-stage adjustable for travel and pull weight
– Manual safety
– Overall length: 42.7 Inches
– Barrel length: 17.7 Inches
– Weight: 6.8 Lbs

MSRP: Starting at $449.99. Additional barrel/receiver assemblies sell for $189.99.

Hatsan Hydra QE Specifications:

.177 Caliber
– Max velocity: 1250 FPS
– Max energy: 29 Ft/Lbs
– Number of shots: 28-35
– Magazine capacity: 14

.22 Caliber
– Max velocity: 1120 FPS
– Max energy: 38 Ft/Lbs
– Number of shots: 24-30
– Magazine capacity: 12

.25 Caliber
– Max velocity: 900 FPS
– Max energy: 40 Ft/Lbs
– Number of shots: 20-25
– Magazine capacity: 10

Hatsan Hydra QE PCP Air Rifle, Walnut 0.177
Hatsan Hydra Multi-Caliber Air Rifle