New Hatsan ZADA Break Barrel Announced

The new Hatsan ZADA break barrel air rifle is the company’s newest spring-piston air rifle.The company is positioning it as an entry-level airgun for those interested in picking-up airgunning as a fun hobby. It was first shown at the 2023 SHOT Show.

The ZADA is available in three calibers .177 caliber, .22 caliber, and .25 caliber. Hatsan says that it is capable of producing up to 24 Ft/Lbs. of kinetic energy and muzzle velocities between 700 and 1300 FPS depending on the caliber and ammunition selected.

As an entry-level air rifle, the Hatsan ZADA includes a 4×32 Optima scope. For those who prefer not to use the scope, the ZADA is fitted with contrasting colored fiber optic sights. The rear sight is fully adjustable for both windage and elevation.

There’s a fully adjustable trigger, manual firing safety, and an automatic cocking safety.

Hatsan says that the large muzzle break, with an integrated sound moderator, makes cocking the single-shot action smooth and easy. The ZADA’s rifled German steel barrel has a synthetic molded shroud to reduce overall weight.

The ZADA has a new ambidextrous, tactical style stock with a pistol grip, designed to be more ergonomic and attractive than its predecessor.

Hatsan ZADA Features:

QuietEnergy (QE) Technology – fully shrouded barrel and integrated sound moderator reduces downrange noise

Adjustable trigger for weight and break

Combination 11 mm dovetail and Weaver rail accepts a wide range of optic mounts

Includes 4×32 Optima scope and rings

Anti-bear trap safety mechanism

Max velocity with alloy pellets – .177 cal – 1300 FPS, .22 cal – 1000 FPS, .25 cal – 750 FPS

Max velocity with lead pellets – .177 cal – 1100 FPS, .22 cal – 800 FPS, .25 cal – 70

Overall Length: 45 In.

Barrel Length: 14.5 In.

Weight: 6.25 Lbs.