New Hawke Frontier 34 FFP Scopes Announced

It’s always big news for airgunners when Hawke Sports Optics launches a new scope – particularly a top-end one! So the new Hawke Frontier 34 FFP scopes will be of interest to many HAM readers.

There’s four Frontier 34 FFP models. All have a wide, 6 times magnification range and use Hawke’s new H7 optics structure with low dispersion crown glass elements and 21-layer multi-coating.

Magnification-wise, there’s a 3-18 x 50 model and a 5-30 x 56 model. Both models are available with a choice of reticles – either a MIL- or MOA-graduated FFP Pro Ext reticle.

Above is the MOA reticle, with some close-up detail below.

Hawke Frontier 34 FFP Scopes

The Mil Pro Ext. reticles were developed specifically for first focal plane optical systems and based around the common principles of Mil- and MOA- spaced reticles that provides aim points no matter how extreme the distance.

So Hawke provides a choice, whether you prefer MOA or the Mil system. (1 MOA = 1.047 Inches at 100 Yds, 1 MRAD = 3.6 Inches at 100 Yds.)

Hashes on the lower section of the reticle are numbered to ensure quick and easy acquisition of target and ease of reference, Hawke tells HAM. In addition, the thick outer posts are hollowed to ensure they can be seen at all magnifications, without blocking out too much of the view.

Reticle illumination is available in 11 levels. Usefully, there’s an “Off” position between each setting.

As is obvious from the name, these new, top-end, scopes use a First Focal Plane reticle. They also are Hawke’s first scopes with a 34 mm tube diameter.

The company is positioning these models as ideal for long-range target shooting and hunting applications. Airgunners will be pleased to hear that the minimum parallax setting is 15 Yards, combined with a side focus control.

Elevation and windage adjustments for all Hawke Frontier 34 FFP scopes are made using the company’s patented exposed zero, “Lock ’n’ Stop” turrets.

The 3-18x models are 13.3 Inches long and weigh 27.9 Oz. The 5-30 scopes are 15.4 Inches long and weigh 29.3 Oz.

These new scopes are being launched at this year’s SHOT Show. They are expected to become available in April 2022. For more details, see Hawke’s web site.