New Hawke Sidewinder FFP Riflescopes

Hawke Sidewinder FFP riflescopes are a new addition to the manufacturer’s range. They’re already selling fast!

In fact, there’s four Sidewinder FFP riflescopes. Two models – 4-16×50 SF and 6-24×56 SF – are each available with the FFP MOA reticle, or the FFP Half Mil Reticle.

The FFP MOA reticle is specifically designed for first focal plane optic with MOA spacing with slightly closer aiming points than the FFP Half Mil reticle. This gives shooters options in optics and turret graduations to fit their personal preferences.

Below. This is the FFP Half Mil reticle.

New Hawke Sidewinder FFP Riflescopes

The Sidewinder FFP MOA models are fitted with Hawke’s 1/4 MOA exposed and locking turrets with witness window. The FFP Half Mil models are fitted with 1/10 MRAD turret clicks – also with that useful witness window.

New Hawke Sidewinder FFP Riflescopes


It’s clear that Hawke Sidewinder FFP riflescopes are designed with the airgunner in mind. Each comes complete with a 4-Inch sidewheel that clamps on to the parallax-adjustment turret.

That sidewheel mounting method is a huge improvement – in our opinion – over the many sidewheels that use setscrews tightened against the turret surface. With the Hawke system, there’s no chance of potentially damaging the turret through over-zealously tightening the setscrews.

Additionally the sidewheel can readily be removed and replaced at will.

New Hawke Sidewinder FFP Riflescopes

Sidewinder FFP scopes have a 30mm main tube and feature Hawke’s new H5 optics that the UK-based company says has shooters amazed at the clarity and accuracy for a scope at this price point. The H5 optics combine an ultra-wide 24-degree field of view with a long – 100mm – eye relief distance.

The 30 mm mono-tube chassis contains low-dispersion Crown glass lenses. There’s 18-layers of multi-coating to increaser light transmission and clarity.

Hawke explains that the Sidewinder FFP line fits in nicely between the premium Frontier 30 FFP and “dedicated airgun” Airmax 30 FFP lines.

HAM has been reviewing a 6-24 x 56 Sidewinder 30 FFP scope. This has the half mil hash, etched-glass reticle. We mounted it to an FX Impact using high Hawke Tactical Ring Mounts.

This combination handles well and we’re impressed with the optical quality, mechanical features and specifications of the scope.

Of course, the ability of the FFP reticle to be used for holdover/under at any magnification without the need for a lot of “brain strain” is a big advantage of FFP scopes over Second Focal Plane models.

But if you prefer a constant reticle size regardless of magnification, Hawke has a range of SFP models available also. It’s good to have choices!

Hawke Sidewinder 30 FFP 4-16×50, Illuminated Half Mil Reticle, 30mm Tube

Hawke Sidewinder 30 FFP 6-24×56, Illuminated Half Mil Reticle, 30mm Tube