New H&K MP7 Pellet Gun – It’s A Break Barrel!

Umarex USA continues to introduce new products at a terrific rate! The latest is a new H&K MP7 pellet gun.

The surprise here is that – unlike the recently-announced HK416 – this is not a Co2-powered, BB-firing model. Instead it’s a breakbarrel, pellet gun.

The MP7 pellet gun  actually looks more like the MP7A1 – the “civilian version” of the centerfire MP7. It’s billed as a “personal defense weapon” which can be carried like a handgun yet is capable of rifle-like effectiveness.

As a single-shot, .177 caliber breakbarrel airgun, the is not exactly suitable for house-clearance operations 😉 However, it should do an admirable job of engaging feral soda cans and similar plinking targets in backyard ranges.

Umarex says that the faux suppressor is useful for providing an easier cocking effort. With a maximum Muzzle Velocity of 490 FPS, there’s no need for any actual suppressor capabilities as the report will be very quiet!

New H&K MP7 Pellet Gun - It's A Break Barrel!

The MP7 has plenty of Picatinny rails for mounting accessories, they’re on both sides and top of the gun. Rather than the iron sights of the MP7A1, this pellet gun is bundled with an Axeon Optics 1×30 red dot sight. This features 11 levels of brightness for various lighting situations, a 5 MOA red dot, as well as being elevation and windage adjustable.

As you would expect, the wire stock is collapsible. This means that – while it’s is compact enough to be used by properly-supervised children – it also can give adult shooters a longer length of pull for maximum utility and comfort. With a weight of 6 Lbs 0 Oz, it’s not too heavy either.

Of course, lights, lasers any other “tactical” accessories can be fitted to the side rails, should the owner choose.

Pyramyd Air indicates that availability should be in the latter part of April, 2022. The Street Price will be $149.99.

H&K MP7 Break Barrel Pellet Gun 0.177