New H&N 25 Cal Slugs In Close-Up

A batch of H&N 25 Cal slugs recently arrived in the HAM offices. This gave us the opportunity to take a very close look at this airgun ammo “warts and all” as Oliver Cromwell famously insisted his portrait be painted.

(Don’t know Oliver Cromwell? He was a big deal in 17th Century Britain and became – briefly – dictator of the country. You can read about him here. The “warts and all” quote meant that he wanted to be painted as he really was, as realistically as possible. In current terminology, he didn’t want to have his image airbrushed. That, of course, is how HAM has always reported for our readers!).

So we have some very close-up photographs of some H&N slugs. These show detail VERY MUCH larger than life size. Yes there are a few flaws, but that’s the case with all airgun ammo. And we know that H&N is a high quality manufacturer with a great reputation.

H&N 25 Cal Slugs In Close-Up

Check out the comprehensive HAM test review of the company’s .22 cal slugs. They’re a Gold Award winner!

As HAM announced in a previous post, H&N 25 cal slugs are available in no less than five weights and two head diameters. That’s why the company produces sampler packs. These make it easier to chose the weight that works best with your air rifle, without having to buy a tin of every weight.

Of course, given the shape of slugs, weight is gained by lengthening the projectile. The following table gives the H&N specifications for weight and Ballistic Coefficient, together with the average lengths based on a small sample of 10 slugs of each type. The relationship between increasing weight, length and BC is very clear.

Weight (Spec.)Ballistic Coefficient
28 Grains0.0966.81 mm
30 Grains0.0987.14 mm
32 Grains0.1007.45 mm
34 Grains0.1017.77 mm
36 Grains0.1058.13 mm

Here’s what the slugs look like, side-by-side. They’re in order of weight, from left to right.

H&N 25 Cal Slugs In Close-Up

These slugs will be included in HAM’s next batch of Ballistic Coefficient testing. Now that good – well relatively good – weather is here again in upstate New York, we’ll be adding even more BCs to the world’s largest airgun Ballistic Coefficient database.

Well over 75,000 airgunners worldwide have visited this page to date – that’s an indication of the growing understanding and use of this vitally important data for airgun shooting. We hope it continues to be useful for you well into the future!

H&N Slug HP, .25 Cal., 36 Grains, Hollowpoint, 120ct 0.25
H&N .25 Cal Slug Sampler .249 Cal