New H&N Baracuda 8 Pellets In .177 Caliber

H&N Baracuda 8 pellets were one of the new products announced at the IWA OutdoorClassics Show in Germany recently. They are seen in the hands of Joerg Siemens, H&N’s Marketing Manger at the show, above. (Joerg is obviously a great hand model, in addition to his many other skills!)

H&N Baracuda 8 Pellets

Now we can take a first look at this new airgun ammo.

The new H&N Baracuda 8 pellets are available in .177 caliber only. They actually have a manufacturer’s weight specification of 8.44 Grains. This makes them slightly lighter than those long-running favorite pellets the HAM Gold Award-winning H&N Field Target Trophies, at 8.64 Grains.

Compared to the Field Target Trophy design, the Baracuda 8 has a shallower head and longer skirt. However, both are dome-head designs.

H&N Baracuda 8 Pellets

The manufacturer is positioning H&N Baracuda 8 pellets as ideal for Field Target and Hunter Field Target competition. It’s also a good round for pest control purposes, Joerg told me at the show, so can be used as a general-purpose pellet, too.

The actual head diameter of Baracuda 8s is 4.51mm, as is indicated on the base of the tin.

H&N testing indicates a Ballistic Coefficient of 0.026. This is somewhat higher than the rather “dumpy-looking” Field Target Trophies, which have a BC of 0.021.

The higher Ballistic Coefficient promises a flatter trajectory for the Baracuda 8s. H&N suggests a maximum range of 50 Meters (55 Yards) for shooting with these new pellets.

Packed in tins of 500, the new Baracuda 8 pellets are not yet available at retail in the USA. However they are in production – HAM has some tins here for review and testing.

HAM expects availability from Pyramyd Air and other leading dealers in the next couple of months, or so. Until then, you can find out more about these new pellets at the H&N website.