New H&N Baracuda Light Pellets And More – IWA 2019 Sneak Preview

German pellet-manufacturer H&N has announced a sneak preview of the new H&N pellets that will be introduced for 2019. These include a new addition to the Baracuda range, the H&N Baracuda Light in .177 caliber.

H&N Baracuda Light

The company tells us that the H&N Baracuda Light is a lighter counterpart to the extremely-popular Baracuda Match pellets. The reduction in weight ensures a higher speed and flatter trajectory. They’re recommended for airguns with a Muzzle energy of around 12 Ft/Lbs.

There’s also a special lead alloy used for these pellets which H&N claims gives consistent shot groups and the lowest barrel fouling. H&N Baracuda Light pellets will be available in 4.50 and 4.51 head sizes.

H&N Finale Maxx

For precision 10 Meter target shooting, there’s the new H&N Finale Maxx!

H&N claims that these wadcutters set new standards in terms of accuracy in ISSF shooting competition use. They are individually foam-packed in a plastic box for safe transport.

New H&N Baracuda Light Pellets And More - IWA 2019 Sneak Preview

Samples from each batch are tested in a 10 M indoor range, says the company. In that test, 40 pellets have to achieve a shot group of 7 mm (0.276 inches) diameter or less, with an average score of 10.7 or better.

H&N Finale Maxx pellets are hand sorted and carefully inspected before packing. Weight tolerances are reduced to +/- 0.25%, H&N tells us. HAM pellet testing confirms that this is – indeed – an outstanding specification for manufacturing consistency!

H&N Hunting Sampler Pack In .25 Cal

To help airgun shooters decide on the best pellet to use with their .25 caliber air rifle, H&N has also announced this new sampler pack.

New H&N Baracuda Light Pellets And More - IWA 2019 Sneak Preview

This provides a fast and economical way to discover the best-performing pellet, without the need to buy a complete tin of each pellet type.

The H&N Hunting Sampler Pack contains the following pellets:
Baracuda Hunter Extreme ~ 40 pellets
Hornet ~ 40 pellets
Baracuda ~ 40 pellets
Silver Point ~ 40 pellets
Crow Magnum ~ 35 pellets

H&N Pioneer

Recognizing the increasing numbers of big bore airgun hunters, H&N is introducing the Pioneer range of premium round balls.

New H&N Baracuda Light Pellets And More - IWA 2019 Sneak Preview
The company tells HAM that Pioneer round balls will be available in the following calibers:

H&N Pioneers are cold swaged from pure lead. They have exceptional uniformity with no air pockets or voids. H&N also says that the surface of Pioneer balls is graphetized to allow for better rotation in the barrel and improved accuracy.

H&N Excite Econ II

Finally, there’s a new version of the .177 caliber Econ wadcutter pellets – the Econ II.

New H&N Baracuda Light Pellets And More - IWA 2019 Sneak Preview

These wadcutter pellets are described as having a new head design for improved performance, yet retaining a low price.

Phew! That’s a lot of new products to launch at one time. No news yet on availability dates for these new products. However HAM will keep you updated as we find out more. Also check-up for updates on the H&N company website.

In addition, US shooters can meet H&N factory representatives at the H&N booth at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Indianapolis from April 26 – 28, 2019. You’ll be able to find out more about the new H&N Baracuda Light pellets and the others there…