New H&N Sport General Manager Announced

Haendler & Natermann Sport GmbH has announced that there’s to be a senior management change at the company. From 1 January 2023, there will be a new H&N Sport General Manager. His name is Christian Hirschel.

Haendler & Natermann Sport GmbH is, of course better known to most of us as H&N. As one of the world’s largest makers of airgun pellets and slugs, H&N produces a huge range of high quality products. These are sold under the H&N brand and the “Excite” brand for plinkling.

But H&N also manufactures pellets which are sold under many other brand names. In addition, the company is also a major supplier of bullets for loading and reloading firearm ammunition.

The previous – and still current until year end – H&N Sport General Manager is Florian Schwartz. As an engineer who previously has worked for such iconic companies as BMW and Porsche, he has a great dedication to quality products.

(Herr Hirschel is shown on the left of our heading photograph above. Her Schwartz is on the right).

Herr Schwartz has been General Manager of H&N for 13 years and has overseen the company’s massive expansion into the world of airgun slugs, with a huge range of products.

You can read this interesting interview by HAM Publisher Stephen Archer with Florian from 2017. In it, he predicts that there will be a demand for increasing terminal performance from airgun pellets for hunting. Of course, this has indeed happened with the widespread appearance of slugs in the last couple of years!

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, Herr Schwartz will continue to be available as an advisor. He is also very pleased to have found an internal successor in Herr Hirschel who knows the company from A-Z.

You see, Herr Hirschel has been production manager at H&N for many years. He even undertook his training as an industrial mechanic in the company many years ago!

As H&N Sport General Manager, Christian will continue to lead this internationally successful, German company in the tried and tested way. He also plans to expand it at the premises in Hann Münden, thus also securing around 65 jobs in the long term.

Hard Air Magazine – and all airgunners will certainly wish Herr Hirschel success in his new position. H&N is a pillar of the airgun shooting sports and it’s good to know that it will continue in good hands!