New Huggett Astille Modular Moderator

The new Huggett Astille modular moderator is the latest model to be launched by the company.

Since arriving on the scene some 10 years ago, Huggett silencers changed the way airgunners looked at sound suppression, says the company.

Models such as the Huggett Snipe, Belita and Atom moderators are now considered the benchmark for both performance and style by those serious about their shooting.

Not content to simply rest on its reputation, the company continues to push the boundaries of silencer efficiency. With the new Huggett Astille Modular Moderator, Huggett has, quite literally, now changed the shape of sound suppression.

New Huggett Astille Modular Moderator

Mimicking the ogive form of an artillery shell, the Astille’s radical lines capitalize on the natural noise suppression properties of its conical shape. After extensive research, development and testing, Huggett’s engineers and sound technicians have established the optimal internal geometry for the new silencer.

The result is that the Astille is Huggett’s most efficient silencer to date. In addition, Huggett claims it can even improve the accuracy of some rifles.

New Huggett Astille Modular Moderator

Company founder, Andrew Huggett said: “Our silencer models are considered as much for their premium engineering and aesthetics as their sound reduction qualities, so it was important we continued this in the new Astille”.

“However, with air rifle technology itself moving so quickly, we also wanted the Astille to add a new dimension to sound suppression.” He continued.

“Its unique shape achieves this, and its modular, screw-together concept allows shooters to easily extend their Astille for tailoring to the rifle it’s fitted to and their specific, in-the-field needs.”

The Huggett Astille modular moderator consists of an universal base with female thread. Then there’s a main silencing chamber, together with an optional extension module that fits between base and chamber. At the front, there’s a choice of either a flat or optional conical tip.

New Huggett Astille Modular Moderator

Flat black anodised spacer rings either side of the main chamber add unmistakable ‘Huggett elegance’ to the Astille. Brass, red, blue and silver spacers are available optionally.

The universal base unit is 1/2 inch UNF or M20 threaded, with more adaptions to follow shortly. The main chamber, extension module and tips are all caliber-specific – .177, .22, 25 or .30 cal. – to ensure optimal sound suppression.

The Astille allows for the addition of up to three extension modules, each cutting the report’s decibel level further still.

Anodised in a satin-black finish, the Astille measures 5.86 Inches long and weighs just 5 Ounces. The UK retail price is £119.99.

There is also an Astille Plus, fitted with one extension unit (7.40 Inches and 6.25 Ounces). This retails for £139.99 in the UK.

Prices and availability in the US are to follow. For further details, check out the new Huggett Moderators website which will go live next week.

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