New JSB Airgun Ammo Announced At 2022 SHOT Show

There’s a slew of new JSB airgun ammo announced at the 2022 SHOT Show! The famous Czech manufacturer has announced an increase in the ranges of both Knock Out slugs and Hades pellets.

Knock Out slugs will now be available in .30 caliber as a 50.15 Grain projectile with a Ballistic Coefficient of 0.090.

This means that there’s a choice of weights in .177 caliber. Also no less than four different configurations in .22 caliber. This includes .216. .217 and .218 caliber slugs and a “Mark II” version with a completely new shape in .216 caliber.

There’s also a Mk II version in .25 caliber. Both Mk II slugs have flared skirts.

Predator International – the US distributor for JSB airgun ammo – tells HAM that practical testing they have undertaken indicates the benefits from these flared skirts.

They have found that the flared skirts can seal better. In testing at 30 Yards they have found a noticeable tightening of the groups compared to the originals when shooting with an AirForce Escape SS, for example.

Here’s a summary of the Knock Out slugs range:

Nominal CaliberActual CaliberWeightBallistic Coefficient
.177.17710.03 Grains0.047
.177.17713.43 Grains0.066
.22.216, .217, .21825.39 Grains0.084
.22 (Mark II).21625.39 Grains0.086
.25.25133.49 Grains0.092
.25 (Mark II).25033.49 Grains0.093
.30.3050.15 Grains0.090

The Hades range of dedicated hunting pellets has also expanded with the announcement of what is probably the most anticipated and requested pellet to date – the .35 caliber version of the Hades.

JSB Airgun Ammo

So now, JSB Hades pellets are available in all airgun calibers from .177 to .35. Well, understandably excepting .20 cal, that is. Here’s a summary of the range.

Availability dates for the new ammo will be announced soon.